Dogging: A Walk in the Park

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I know there are a fair few exhibitionists on RHP and some very well organised communities one of them being...
I know there are a fair few exhibitionists on RHP and some very well organised communities one of them being the dogging community.   Dogging is ever increasing in popularity with all walks of life wanting a piece of the dogging pie.  What is dogging though?  For those who aren’t clued in, “dogging” is a British slang term for having sex in a public place. Usually the people involved have never met before.  Dogging can involve multiple participants and observers are encouraged. It can be argued the word dogging came from the idea of men “doggedly” spying on couples having sex outdoors in the early 1970s.  Others suggest it comes from the notion of people having sex similar to how dogs do in a public setting.  Whatever the meaning for those who have gone dogging what can usually be guaranteed is an exhilarating experience heightened by the idea of watching, being watched or even caught out.  Whether you’re a couple or a single wanting to try out this sexy and voyeuristic pastime there are a few rules and an etiquette that must be observed.  RHP has listed a few tips to make your next trip to the park, beach, car park (wherever!), a safe one full of fun times and sexy escapades.

- Be punctual. Meet up when you say you will
- If you are a couple discuss limitations with one another, a safe code word is helpful for sticky situations
- Use caution and common sense when contacting strangers
- Continue to use your RHP username to protect your identity (it will also add a little more mystery to the situation)
- Arrange to meet at spots away from unsuspecting passersby but not too far out for safety and/or convenience sake
- Don’t announce exact meet details publicly.  Ask people to contact you for further information
- Make yourself presentable and approachable
- Pack some lube to make things comfortable for your partner/s
- RHP encourages safe sex
- Keep your distance until invited
- Dogging is a legal grey area so proceed at your own risk (RHP takes no responsibility for your activities)
- Don’t block other doggers’ view/s
- Respect other people who are having fun.  Some of the sites are also used for gay men to meet up and they may have been using the location for a longer period
- Remember to clean up the general area after yourself.
- If you aren’t extremely successful on your first go don’t be discouraged there are plenty of other opportunities

Following these guidelines will help optimise your next (or first) dogging experience.  For first timers information on popular dogging locations around Australia can be obtained by posting on the RedHotPie forums about where to go.  Speak to other exhibitionists about their experiences and learn a thing or two most are friendly and happy to provide you with answers to any lingering questions. 

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Posted: May, 20 2013
any where in perth?
Posted: May, 16 2013
is anyone interested in this in Canberra? Message or send a flirt and I will contact you if you are keen.
Posted: May, 15 2013
Dogging on the out skirts of Mandurah tonight anyone?
Posted: May, 15 2013
hi we would love try this and keen to find out where?
Posted: May, 12 2013
Hi would love to try this ,,
Posted: Apr, 30 2013
my man and i are up for some dogging tommorow night, anyone interested. We are in perth , not sure where to go
Posted: Apr, 03 2013
This has got to be an urban myth...not for the couples doin' their exhibitionist thing, but like me, who would love to watch, get involved or whatever...Any frisky couples seeking the adrenaline ...msg me and let me know where and when :-) No invisible doggers please!
Posted: Mar, 06 2013
Would love to be a voyer on one of this events for a couple. Contact me if interested!!
Posted: Mar, 01 2013
Had my first dogging experience today and it was amazing! Would highly recommend it :) I've had sex outdoors before but never with anyone watching,the experience was well worth it
Posted: Feb, 15 2013
hi there is there anywhere round the Albury area where Dogging Happens???
Posted: Feb, 08 2013
we arethinking of going dogging,where and when would be suitable place. more importantly who will be interested ? (sydney)
Posted: Feb, 08 2013
Hi Goulburnguy, I wouldn't mind driving to Goulburn to try that...MMMM X
Posted: Jan, 31 2013
Oh yeah luv to do that . I'm nudist so happy to strip in public , discreetly Come on ladies lets do it , even better in this warm weather
Posted: Jan, 25 2013
nice if there is anything in BUNBURY
Posted: Jan, 25 2013
any were in logan city
Posted: Jan, 12 2013
There are a few good spots in Brisbane near Woolloongabba and Manly.... We want to start a new location in Brisbane. Who's with us
Posted: Dec, 25 2012
How naive am I ?? Saw the headline for this article and (seriously) assumed it would be about people hooking up while walking their dogs !!!
Posted: Dec, 23 2012
lots of great spots in brissy around the city, just need a partner in crime....
Posted: Dec, 11 2012
Posted: Dec, 10 2012
always wanted to try it and have in the nthern subs and its great
Posted: Dec, 05 2012
Stockton is good tonight
Posted: Dec, 05 2012
any action today ??? melb eastern subs
Posted: Dec, 04 2012
ya mistress, speers point is good for dogging
Posted: Dec, 04 2012
new to newcastle,nsw... any suggestions?
Posted: Dec, 03 2012
any good spots during the daytime around bundoora? apart from smorgy's
Posted: Nov, 26 2012
any good spots in the western subs of melb?
Posted: Nov, 26 2012
who wants to give it a go in cairns??
Posted: Nov, 24 2012
Wheres all the South Australians??
Posted: Nov, 05 2012
Very well written. So many people have no respect for the people they agree to meet or those who may want to get a view. I have had some great experiences up here. I tend to find in the Perth that too many say Yes and then never answer a phone or email while you are in Perth, and then find every excuse when you return home. Do the city fair share the excuses. Heard them all. I understand things may crop up, but so many, and the same reasons???
Posted: Nov, 03 2012
Great Article, really well written and I think it covers most of the important topics, well dome :) Is there any people in WA who are into dogging
Posted: Oct, 22 2012
Posted: Oct, 22 2012
plenty of good places in Brisbane.. message us and see how we go..
Posted: Oct, 17 2012
Any in western syd I've fantasies about it.
Posted: Oct, 17 2012
Dogging isn't very popular in the US, and we're kind of curious about it but not sure we understand it completely. When you go dogging, do you bring a partner, make plans to meet a partner, or do you just hope to meet a willing partner when you get there? Do single women go dogging alone or is it mostly couples and single guys -- or mostly single guys? Thanks!
Posted: Oct, 13 2012
We have been to ash island and there is some very nice spots there. there is a very nice grove place . let us know when you go we will too.
Posted: Oct, 07 2012
does anyone know of dogging sites in or around newcvastle
Posted: Oct, 05 2012
we love it , Samurai beach especially but nice around other couples anywhere Sheppards hill Newcastle .
Posted: Sep, 22 2012
Northern subs of Melbourne, free now and seeking playmates
Posted: Sep, 21 2012
Does anyone in Perth know Where and When?
Posted: Sep, 21 2012
Manly at Shelley Beach Point is..well...where my favorite bench
Posted: Sep, 18 2012
We have a few times around Sydney's nude beaches ..In fact did it last Sunday .. Super fun and is super horny..would like to meet in car park one night !!
Posted: Sep, 07 2012
Alot of comments here but doesn't seem like much is organised. We will be looking for places and people but we have found we like some of the sydney nude beaches over summer is good, so keep a look out for our posts, we will advise :)
Posted: Sep, 07 2012
is there any action today ..? post if your out and about it.. in the ringwood area :)
Posted: Aug, 28 2012
Any from sydney eastern suburbs?
Posted: Aug, 17 2012
anyone from penrith region in sydney let me know
Posted: Aug, 15 2012
Any one know of areas around the southern highlands please message me
Posted: Aug, 03 2012
please let me know of any where in perth anyone
Posted: Jul, 28 2012
Any one dogging near Dandenong
Posted: Jul, 28 2012
anyone dogging in melbourne western suburbs?
Posted: Jul, 27 2012
anyone wanna accompany us on a dogging adventure?
Posted: Jul, 07 2012
does anyone know of any perth or SOR locations? pls message us via our profile page
Posted: Jul, 05 2012
well it seems different but different is usally fun on many levels.........i would give it a try
Posted: Jun, 30 2012
Western Sydney ???
Posted: Jun, 12 2012
western doggers (WD) are the biggest group in perth with over 3,000 members, even in winter a few hardy souls venture out.....
Posted: Jun, 01 2012
Sounds like fun, lets do it ! I am in Adelaide
Posted: Mar, 26 2012
for daytime fun. the timber trucks are on the road within 50m just behind a grove of trees. had a gr8 time using a fallen thick tree trunk as prop
Posted: Feb, 18 2012
Hey Guys n Gals - sounds hot n horny & very exciting! Experienced similar things but would love to visit some of the spots in Brisbane if anyone can let me know where some of them are or how to find out??? I have a couple of playfriends that would be most interested too! Drop me a line if you know or would like to share any experiences (good or bad) that you've had with dogging. Thanks
Posted: Feb, 13 2012
Just wondering if anyone knows any playing spots near nowra NSW
Posted: Jan, 26 2012
iv never done this before so where do i go to find ppl who are doing this already? prefer mandurah and surrounding areas- thanks
Posted: Jan, 02 2012
Westgate Park under the westgate bridge is a good location for those who would like to try ...:)
Posted: Dec, 13 2011
anyone know anywhere in sydney where they do dogging?
Posted: Dec, 08 2011
Sydney dogging meeting places where are they or any on soon?
Posted: Dec, 08 2011
where are there any dogging places in sydney or is there any coming up soon how do i find out?
Posted: Dec, 08 2011
where is the best dogging spots
Posted: Nov, 30 2011
in geelong its under the moorabool street bridge along the barwon river on a sunday night usually around 9-930 pm they give a tweek with the high beam to show interest hope it helps anyone interested
Posted: Oct, 31 2011
hey that sounds mad any were in the gold coast would be awesome any one intrested
Posted: Sep, 27 2011
Hi would love to know if this is any dogging places in Rockingham WA?
Posted: Sep, 22 2011
would be keen to turn up to a dogging in Melbourne
Posted: Sep, 19 2011
we cpl dogging where
Posted: Jul, 14 2011
Looking for doging in perths northern suburbs ne one keen .... Message me if you are
Posted: Jun, 17 2011
Does anyone know of any dogging sites in sydney im horny as
Posted: Jun, 09 2011
I'm single guy heard heaps about this does anyone know some places I can check out. Mick:)
Posted: May, 07 2011
I cant wait to go to any vanue close to Brisbane south side to watch and participate, i love to fuck new dicks all the time, it make me feel so good and always honny. Can anyone tell me where to go.
Posted: Apr, 26 2011
If you know of any, send a private message. Preferably close to town - I live very close to the city, or if you are a person who likes the public s*x activity, drop me a line. Cheers.
Posted: Mar, 31 2011
cum on guys
Posted: Mar, 22 2011
ALL dogging locations should be passed on through private messages DO NOT post locations on the forums or there will be no locations to go to Also pre arranged meets are not dogging even though a lot of people think it is , it isnt its pre arranged sex Dogging is a chance meeting where you maybe allowed to watch or join in depending on the people involved
Posted: Jan, 15 2011
sounds awsome! any good places around inner city ppl have tried?
Posted: Jan, 03 2011
Anyone know of any spoys for agtion or anyfemale/couple interested in meeting. Would love to watch also.
Posted: Nov, 26 2010
every1 says theres heaps of places in adelaide, but where r they?
Posted: Nov, 07 2010
im on the gold coast and am dying to try this.can anyone tell me where it happens please?
Posted: Nov, 07 2010
i saw an article on this awhile ago and am gagging (hehe) to try..
Posted: Oct, 31 2010
Posted: Oct, 22 2010
Sadlly, its all questions and no answers
Posted: Aug, 05 2010
Does any1 know if and where its happening coz im keen as to do it
Posted: Jul, 18 2010
i say live and let live but i wouldn't go for dogging unless it was spontaneous or with som1 i knew - not "planned" dogging which seems like a true dog act :P
Posted: Jun, 10 2010
Besides most of the parks and beaches at night are there any places in Townsville that are great to frequent
Posted: Jun, 10 2010
yes we would be keen to find some spots to..... giveittome
Posted: Jun, 09 2010
Are there any areas near Burnie as we would like to meet up with like minder horny people
Posted: May, 22 2010
The term came from "Walking the dog"
Posted: May, 09 2010
hi im very keen to try dogging is there a place on central coast?or sum where in sydney?
Posted: Apr, 14 2010
I have had a experience at weir reserve, napean river penrith! Maybe it was just me?
Posted: Apr, 10 2010
I have been told of a couple of spots I have not been there myself so I cannot say if they are the spots but I am sure someone may be able to verify them One is the park area under westgate bridge the other is police paddocks in rowvile hope this is some sort of help to those concerned MJ
Posted: Mar, 21 2010
plenty of it goes on in melb a good site to look at is go doggin it has things about all states we have done it heaps and love the fun of sex no names out doors
Posted: Mar, 17 2010
I am a single woman who would love to know where in Perth I can go when I am horny and feel like a fuck but none of my "friends" are available.
Posted: Feb, 19 2010
anything like this happening in and around sunny perth?i'm keen,either to participate or just watch.let me know deviants
Posted: Feb, 08 2010
Is there anyone on the bayside of Brisbane who knows where the dogging spots are or if they go somewhere and want someone to watch or join in? message me where and when Thanks
Posted: Feb, 03 2010
im looking for some fun in east gippsland,can anyone join me??
Posted: Jan, 27 2010
Anyone know of any locations in Darwin
Posted: Jan, 05 2010
Can assist with location and dogging events from Gold Coast to Bris!
Posted: Jan, 02 2010
There are a few spots and people involved in dogging in Adelaide.........happy to take you along to a few spots funkitty, or any one else that would like to arrange meets,
Posted: Dec, 29 2009
hi there i no a good spot under dune st brige 9.30pm kingbury
Posted: Dec, 28 2009
Was wondering if their's a spot on the sunshine coast that this happens??? if you know anything please share it :P
Posted: Dec, 24 2009
Where abouts in brisbane does this usually take place? Im on the northside and id be interested in gettin in on it.
Posted: Dec, 23 2009
wouldn't mind getting involved. where bouts in brisbane do these normaly take place?
Posted: Dec, 23 2009
geelong has got good place for it along barwon river at night time around 9.00 pm
Posted: Dec, 21 2009
would like to watch any takers
Posted: Dec, 16 2009
I live inner west in Bris and am keen to hear from people who go dogging nearby or places & times to be there. Mt Cootha near the aerials would seem a good spot to me, but when??
Posted: Nov, 29 2009
I have seen many couple at Nudgee Beach at the furtherest Picnic Shelter or the Bird Watch hut around seven at night...very safe ideal spot for dogging
Posted: Nov, 10 2009
if anyone is keen in brisbane contact me mostly parks are the go or the beach .
Posted: Oct, 29 2009
Would love to hear from anyone that could help me out with finding out how to join the experience
Posted: Oct, 13 2009
couples and single gals contact us , we will tell you where to meet us
Posted: Oct, 08 2009
hi where is good place in melbourne
Posted: Oct, 07 2009
We're italian couple based in Sydney. We are looking for some spot in Sydney. Ciao
Posted: Sep, 24 2009
does , any one no in melbourne .or could show me
Posted: Sep, 21 2009
Love to meet lady or couple for regular dogging experiencs. Can organise out door venue for safe meets for groups or ladies to be part of a group wanting to indulge in dogging.
Posted: Sep, 14 2009
Does anyone know where in brisbane this takes place? Any couples willing to have a spectator? Contact us if you like.
Posted: Sep, 09 2009
Any one know of places on the gold coast ???
Posted: Aug, 27 2009
hi there i like to take my dog for a walk in the park .would like to meet some female if u no of any parks we could roll around in the grass.leve me a note where and when
Posted: Aug, 20 2009
MMM nice thought Brisbane but where?
Posted: Aug, 18 2009
The more you read the more you know, mmmm Dogging I thought I was dreaming this was very well accepted when I was a teen would love to start it up again ...I am going back to change my profile now and tick another box..( excuse the pun ) any offers?? cheers well.
Posted: Aug, 18 2009
there are plenty of places around Adelaide funkitty
Posted: Aug, 04 2009
Anyone know of some places around Adelaide?
Posted: Aug, 01 2009
Posted: Jul, 12 2009
Does anyone know of some spots in Melbourne.

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