Girl on girl fantasy

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Curious or bi, girl on girl fantasy is right up there in everybody's fantasy wish list....

Have you been fantasising about girl-on-girl sex? Is it time to take the plunge and just go for it?

Don't overthink it, explore your sexuality and have fun with it.

One thing is for sure, it'll be totally different from what you're used to. It'll be gentle, slow, tactile and sensuous.

In case you are looking for your first experience, here are some tips on girl on girl sex.

Play it out the way it feels right to you and it'll be mind blowing and special.

Spend Time Getting to Know Your Own Body

Yes, we mean masturbate. But pay attention to what kind of touch turns you on! Knowing yourself and being able to share how you like to be touched with your lover will be very helpful.

Kiss her passionately

A kiss is a very sensual act  and can be a powerful measure of your attraction to a person. Watch two girls kiss or making out has to be the single most sensual act that sends guys drooling and gets girls aroused.

Show your passion and desire

Don't hesitate, show your passion exactly like in the fantasy scenario that has been playing in your head. Now it's do or die. She wants this as much as you want it.

Tease and explore

Try a gentle massage and explore each others' curves. Feel and touch every part of each other. You know exactly how you'd like to be touched so try that on her and you'll be amazed at her reaction. Women know the right pressure to use, the right path to arousal and which parts to pay attention to, to get her all worked up and begging for more.

Girls will pay attention to all of their bodies

Focus on all erogenous zones in her body; lips, ears, neck, nipples, boobs, lower back, inner thighs, her clitoris, and her G-spot
. This encounter will definitely involve more than a couple of orgasms. Women can have 12 different orgasms, so take your time and enjoy every single different orgasm you can have.

Bring out toys but not too soon

Save toys for later. Toys are great and they'll come in handy a bit later in the meet. Try to enjoy all of her, her touch, her tongue and her kisses, and then bring in the toys for extra sensory pleasure.

First time? Try a threesome

Sometimes the best way to try things out is to start somewhere familiar. Your boyfriend could watch, which will blow his mind, while you girls explore every inch of your bodies.

You may come out of this experience either thinking:

'So I tried eating pussy. It turns out, it's not for me.' or 'Wow, mind blowing, I will definitely try this out again.'

Both experiences are valid. Girl on girl will teach you to appreciate the beauty of women's bodies, including your own. This will give you a sense of power and new found belief in your sensuality as a woman. It'll teach you the power of a woman's sexuality and sensuality.

Share with us your girl on girl experiences. Was it all you expected or more?

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Christina Miller
114 articles

Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: May, 13 2017
Great do it a bit bi-curious
Posted: Apr, 23 2017
Im keen right now. Who in adelaide south Australia
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
Any females want to us m/f couple for a 3some
Posted: Apr, 17 2017
Its on my list for a woman to have fun in my secret garden while hubby watches. I think it would be a great turn on
Posted: Apr, 15 2017
I've always been sexually attracted to both men and women and would love to experience them together one day
Posted: Apr, 09 2017
I love it so sensual and so horny
Posted: Apr, 06 2017
ohhh my got i m very horny,i m bicurious,i want to try soon
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
Drop us a line.
Too hornie to text. πŸ˜†
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
We really enjoy girl on girl. It's the main reason why we are looking. Please dont hesitate to drop us a line if your keen to try and your in Sydney. It's just so so horny
Posted: Apr, 01 2017
Hot hot hot
Posted: Mar, 31 2017
Mrs Dex loves her girl on girl play as it was the main reason we got into the lifestyle
Posted: Mar, 31 2017
Watching Mrs Sxc with another woman is just OMG!!!

Posted: Mar, 31 2017
I Love It xxxxxxx
Posted: Mar, 31 2017
Love it girls
Posted: Mar, 31 2017
Great to see the article and the positive comments, just a pity that as a couple it is so hard to actually find females even willing to go on a date. The amount of times we get stood up at a restaurant or have our messages ignored here on the site is staggering.
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
We have had a threesome with a lovely lady and it was amazing. Passionate kissing, feeling each other's bodies, pleasuring my man together. Looking forward to doing it again.
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
My fantasy is to try another girl lve done 2 guys it was amazing
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
I'd so love to try this :)
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
Very curious about girl on girl hit me up if anyone else is and wants to experiment.
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
Maybe unqualified but !! I think its a wonderful sensual encounter when girls sexually embrace and I am more comfortable with girls pleasing each other more so than men .............sorry guys ............XXXX
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
girl on girl makes guys go crazy
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
i had my first woman on woman with a couple male female it turned out to be so sensual and i enjoyed the touch of our bodies entwined it was great to be with a woman because a woman knows what a woman likes all the places to be touched plus a bonus to have the man as well and even better for him to watch
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
Who doesn't enjoy girl on girl . I'm still looking for more experiences
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
Putting my hand up for any ladies who might be wanting to explore, have been wanting to take the plunge but have still not as yet.
Posted: Mar, 30 2017
Is so nice to feel the softness of a woman's breasts and the softness of a woman touching mine also the feeling of a woman going down on me is very nice ,and nice to return the favour as well
Is just a nice change to being with a guy not that I mind that either πŸ˜‰

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