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How Do I Tell If He Is Ready For A Relationship?

I have had so many guys disappear when things get serious, I need some advice. I have been dating a great guy for almost a year now, but I can’t tell if he will freak out and leave if I ask him about how serious he is.

Why Am I Getting The 'Root and Boot' or 'You're Frigid' Treatment?

Why is it guys sleep with me then ditch me and if I don't sleep with them they think I'm frigid and move on anyway?... Confused and really need some good advice here!

The Science of Seducing Women?

Do you guys have any latest tips or research on attracting women? I am starting to realize dating is as much science as art. Thanks guys, I love your column.

Horny Housewife Seeks Sexy Couple

I'm a bored housewife looking for some discreet fun. Preferred is a couple (MF) so I can get the best of both worlds. Any tips for finding the right couple so I don't have any issues?

Do Women Only Go For Bad Boys?

Is it true women don’t go for nice guys? I have friends who are total dicks to the girls they meet and they get lucky all the time. Should I be more of a bastard or is it a myth?

Waste of Time Looking For My Soul Mate?

Am I wasting my time looking for my soul mate?

I Want My Wife Back!

Hi my wife and I have split up due to been fighting on and off for a few years she's left with our two year old son. I want them back, how can I get her to have feelings for me again?

50 Shades of Sisters?

I met a girl recently and she introduced me to her sister who is older than her. I would love to take both of them to visit a BDSM mistress on separate occasions and buy them latex outfits and boots to wear. Can you please advise what would be the best way to tackle this conversation to both of...

Only Attracting Duds?

Hey Bessie I really need help. I keep attracting the wrong kind of guys. My room mate says it’s me. What am I doing wrong?

Not 'Hardcore' Enough For Full Swap Swingers?

Hi guys we have copped a lot from a few couples recently when we said we don't do full swap. What should we do to avoid this?

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