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02 May 2017

Morning glory

I'm not normally a writer but some thoughts occurred to me this morning as I woke up and was wishing I had you right there and I thought you might like to hear them.

Firstly I'm going to exercise artistic licence and go past the build up and get straight to the "business end" of the story. In ...
08 April 2017

The Apartment

I'm in my friend's apartment. I'm sitting on the lounge, facing a big window, about three metres away. A coffee table is there, in front of me, square, and slightly to my left as I face the window. There's nothing directly in front of me. Through the window, I can see the coast running north. The ...
02 April 2017

Primal desire.

Eyes lock and start searching...undressing without touching. 

Lips upon lips,  tongue dancing with tongue;  can you feel the energy,  the buzz,  the longing growing. 

My hand slides down your arm,  tracing intently the shape and strength of every muscle, every curve,  lingering with each ...
30 March 2017

Submission is so sweet

The beautiful body of the girl was tied to the bullbar of the truck in the garage. A mat under her knees to save them from the coarse concrete floor the only bit of comfort given to the naked body which glowed slightly with a sheen of perspiration from the humidity of the uninsulated room. Her ...
05 February 2017

Random Hook-Up

After exchanging a couple of short messages I agree to meeting you.

You arrive at my house and knock on the door. I answer and without a word you walk in and kneel down in the middle of the room. I walk over and undo my pants. I take out my cock and you shake your head.

"Take it all off," you ...
26 November 2016

Hot Summer Nights

The Jungle Bar in the Menzies Hotel was already nearly full when I arrived just after 7:00 pm. The Jungle Bar was renowned as a bar for sailors on leave as there was always an abundance of beautiful young ladies and the sailors were always cashed up. However, occasionally there were no boats in ...
01 July 2016

If I Was Invited to Saphire's Boudoir..2016

I start by showing up at your door, with a bottle of wine and some flowers for you. You greet me, modestly dressed having returned from a day at work. I hope that you like my choices, as I am not a drinker by any means. While I wait in your lounge for you to put the flowers in water, I pop the cork ...
18 September 2015

Top of The Pops

When in my early 20's a friend invited me to watch him dance on Top of The Pops at the BBC. For the purpose of the story I'll call him John. John was about 6'2, black and a professional dancer. We met up with a couple of girls there, one was the girlfriend of another mate (Bec) and she'd brought her ...
25 July 2015

Hot morning at a hotel

It was around 8:30am and no sooner had I just logged on to my account I noticed a flirt come in.

It was from a Melbourne couple and checking out their profile they were both aged in their late 40’s and their photos looked really hot. I replied back and it seemed within seconds they sent a ...
22 July 2015

Watch me, Fuck me, Leave me...

Me on my bed, naked and alone on a warm, balmy night. On my back, legs bent, wide apart and up in the air with a clit stimulator buzzing away on my clit having multiple orgasms.... unaware that you are standing outside my bedroom window, watching me and pumping away at your hard cock.

Sitting up, ...
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