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13 May 2017


"Hi babe!" I heard over the other end of the phone.

It was my x Debbie from 20 years ago. She had searched out my number, with disapproval, and as I sighed over the phone she went on to say that she would like to discuss a business proposal to my wife and I. As a keen business student open to new ...
02 May 2017

Morning glory

I'm not normally a writer but some thoughts occurred to me this morning as I woke up and was wishing I had you right there and I thought you might like to hear them.

Firstly I'm going to exercise artistic licence and go past the build up and get straight to the "business end" of the story. In ...
17 April 2017

BBC Dreamtime

You are heading out for your job. You have 3 massage jobs to do at the State Basketball club. They booked you in to do your remedial massage on 3 of their players. You arrive at their offices and are shown to the rooms where you set up your gear as they go to get the 3 players.

About 15 minutes ...
26 November 2016

Hot Summer Nights

The Jungle Bar in the Menzies Hotel was already nearly full when I arrived just after 7:00 pm. The Jungle Bar was renowned as a bar for sailors on leave as there was always an abundance of beautiful young ladies and the sailors were always cashed up. However, occasionally there were no boats in ...
14 February 2016

Confession Of A Naughty Girlie Nurse

I work as a nurse at a Sydney Hospital. I came to work and I was told I was looking after 8 people. Three of them had sport's injuries. As I did my rounds that night,  I went into a room and found this handsome guy with an awesome buffed body with a leg injury. His blanket was covering part of his ...
23 October 2015

A Couple's First Threesome.

I sent a flirt through to a couple whose profile had caught my eye not really expecting a reply. The next day to my delight they sent a message through asking if I’d be keen to meet. Exchanging pleasantries and swapping mobile numbers I found myself chatting with Steve who told me this was their ...
18 September 2015

Accidental Threesome

It wasn't long after my new housemate moved in that I was in uncontrollable lust for her. She was every guy's dream - friendly, intelligent, and oh so gorgeous! Dreams were shattered when I met her bf... Or so I thought...

I respected their relationship, and kept my lust to myself. I can't help ...
18 April 2015

My teacher

When I was young, I had this hot, buffed, good looking PE teacher. He was 24 years old. A lot of female teachers and students wanted Mr J. He was always wearing shorts and without fail you could always see his bulge. He knew I had a crush on him because I kept telling him every time in a joking but ...
24 December 2014

Who's the boss?

Mark was 25 skinny but muscly and really tall, I was his boss, he'd asked to use my office to change.

"No problem" was my reply and I turned my attention to the laptop. The office wasn't very large and even though I had my back to him I was very aware of his presence. I snuck a glance after a ...
12 July 2014

Ex's Brother

My name is Lisa, I’m 38 years old and I have recently become single after a long 5 year relationship that ended badly.  My ex “Barry” who is 40 has been an asshole to me for the past 2 years and I was finally able to get free and start my life on my own.

My story starts a month ago when trying to ...
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