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12 March 2017

Tattoo Parlour Fantasy....

A fantasy on paper, the last time I masturbated.

Sex at the tattoo parlour with Emily and you.

(I'm laying down stimulating my clit as the story plays out in my mind)

I lay on the tattoo chair eagerly waiting for the fun to start.  

Emily slides the strap-on into my steaming pussy ...
20 August 2015

A Night At The Movies

It was late one night and we were walking in town, hand in hand just wandering aimlessly and talking about anything and nothing at the same time. We came across a movie theatre that was showing old black and white movies. We had nowhere else to be and nothing else to do so we bought two tickets for ...
22 April 2015

A little surprise for my lover.

We had arranged a meeting. You came over and we started straight away. We moved in to the bedroom and hurriedly took off our clothes.  While we kissed, I stroked your beautiful cock as it got harder. I took you in my mouth, as I gently played with your balls. Then you pulled me to the bed and ...
14 June 2014

Popcorn and Coke

It was a drizzling Friday night in Brisbane, one of those nights where you get goosebumps from the moisture and a chill factor from the weather.  Spontaneous decision makes me head out and go watch a movie.

When I arrive in town, I walk to the main cinema complex in town and head to the movie ...
09 May 2013

Lunch time meeting.

We had agreed to meet at a hotel room not far from work with a work friend .....a little bit of naughty girl play just like the last time. When i got there she was lying on the bed with a sexy outfit....in vibrant red. Before i knew it she was beside me, kissing me and fondling my breasts, ...
01 May 2013

Sound asleep - a swinging story

I was soundly sleeping. We had had a nice evening with friends. The friends had gone to bed in our guest room. My girlfriend Karlee and I had invited our friends Matt and Meg to visit for the weekend. Karlee, Meg and Matt have been friends since school.

We had been to their house before and had ...
04 January 2012

random story

This story took place several years ago while I was in college. It involves myself (David), my girlfriend at that time was (Donna) and her roommate (Ren). Donna was short, about 5'2" with full 34C boobs, slim, medium length brown hair, about 105 lbs, dark brown skin and a cute ass. She shared an ...
30 November 2011

Afternoon Delight

You have arrived at the motel and have messaged the room number to me. You are eagerly awaiting my arrival. Excited, apprehensive and of course nervous as you know you have not been with a woman for a number of years and wondering whether you can remember how to ride the bike. As they sex is just ...
28 June 2011

Service with a smile

So I go to put on my jeans to head out. It seems all that work in the gym has been paying off, the damn things don't fit me so well anymore. instead of displaying my tight bum , all I am showing now is loose folds of faded denim. So, I have toned up! It would appear that my new hotter bod is going ...
09 October 2010

Another day at the office

There's a guy who has heard what a good job you do at the employment recruitment centre that you manage. His name is Stephen. He runs the government department that oversees employment agencies. He's coming to your work to meet you & your staff & see how your centre runs. He's also taking you out ...
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