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05 February 2017

Random Hook-Up

After exchanging a couple of short messages I agree to meeting you.

You arrive at my house and knock on the door. I answer and without a word you walk in and kneel down in the middle of the room. I walk over and undo my pants. I take out my cock and you shake your head.

"Take it all off," you ...
01 July 2016

If I Was Invited to Saphire's Boudoir..2016

I start by showing up at your door, with a bottle of wine and some flowers for you. You greet me, modestly dressed having returned from a day at work. I hope that you like my choices, as I am not a drinker by any means. While I wait in your lounge for you to put the flowers in water, I pop the cork ...
14 June 2016

Saturday Night

It was a quiet Saturday night - I was sitting home alone contemplating what to do... stay in, or go out. Staying home seemed the easy option, but I decided to at least go out for a few drinks.

After showering and catching a cab to a discreet bar near my home, I was sitting by the bar enjoying the ...
14 February 2016

Confession Of A Naughty Girlie Nurse

I work as a nurse at a Sydney Hospital. I came to work and I was told I was looking after 8 people. Three of them had sport's injuries. As I did my rounds that night,  I went into a room and found this handsome guy with an awesome buffed body with a leg injury. His blanket was covering part of his ...
24 May 2015

School Friends

I'm a girlie guy since I was a little. I'm also very flirty. I have lots of straight male friends. There was this guy (Fraser) I really liked when I was younger. I have always fantasised about seeing his cock, touching it, sucking it and then having him fuck me like a girl. One day some guys from ...
24 December 2014

Who's the boss?

Mark was 25 skinny but muscly and really tall, I was his boss, he'd asked to use my office to change.

"No problem" was my reply and I turned my attention to the laptop. The office wasn't very large and even though I had my back to him I was very aware of his presence. I snuck a glance after a ...
25 April 2013

The Dare

It was the early hours of the morning, I was frisky from all the nite’s dancing and getting in the groove. I didn’t want the nite to end when my partner dared me!  “I bet you wouldn’t watch me fuck a man?”

A dare!  I always call a dare...that’s me.

As we left the club my partner called this ...
15 March 2013

Black Shiny Leggings

It was my first time out dressed as a lady.

I had my long brown hair over my shoulders, Black shiny leggings, Sexy short top, platform heels and some basic make up. My plan was to buy some makeup at David Jones and have the ladies who work their help with the make up and look and that was the ...
06 March 2013

My husband's surprise

Our relationship needed a bit of work; not without continued effort from both of us. So when my husband suggested for our anniversary that he would organize a sexy surprise, I readily agreed.

On the morning of our anniversary I was presented with beautiful almost sheer hot pink lingerie, asked ...
05 December 2012

At the Office

At The Office

It was one of those days. Nothing would go as it should…
People in the office seem to go out of their way to make life more difficult than it ought to be. Xanh had worked for two hours on an important report and out of the blue, the computer crashed, erasing all of her work in one ...
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