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16 May 2018


An Evening to remember

It started out with an invitation from my employer to have drinks with himself and his wife that evening to discuss some upcoming company changes.

We meet at an inner city bar, where we sit in a secluded booth, we make small talk that I note has a suggestive ...
14 May 2018

Full house

My partner at the time and I were invited to a party which we weren’t sure about going to but decided screw it why not. We were invited by her parents friends as we had housesat for them while they were away.

When we finally got there we felt awkward as we were the youngest there both being ...
01 May 2018

2 hour parking

We had agreed to meet Chris at a room early in the day,

It was the second time we had met Chris for a threesome, and he had asked us to come straight up, we knocked and he let us in, offered us a drink and we sat at three points..

"So.." i said, "what should we talk about..?" Chris and ...
25 February 2018

A Bottle of Coke

A Bottle of Coke

I had asked Jason, a colleague of mine to come around to our place for a few drinks, he was my Senior manager at work and I wanted to get chummier with him to benefit or advance my chances of any future promotions that may be coming up at work.

I had asked Leanne to ...
22 February 2018

Floor Show

I’m like most blokes and have sexual fantasies, mostly there about my wife.  One involves watching my wife Jenni having sex with another person, another woman. Very few of my fantasies actually happen, and this was to be one of them. It happened when a friend came to visit, she was on a business ...
01 February 2018

Our first experience with a voyeur watching

Mikes description of one of our first fun outing with a voyeur.

It's a nice summer week day and we're both off work and free from visitors etc. Making the most of it we are up early in the garden getting a few chores done. I have my camera out and Sue smiles as she sees my picture taking moving ...
19 November 2017

After The Playmate

As I get home from work, I hear my wife beckon me to the bedroom. I climb the stairs and as I walk through the door way I lay my eyes on my beautiful wife.

She is laying on her back, knees slightly apart as the warm afternoon light trickles through the blinds. I am instantly aroused. “Take off ...
15 June 2017

Weekend Getaway Plus One

We were just checking into our luxury hotel for the weekend when I first noticed my wife staring out toward the pool.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Perfect." she said.

After putting our bags in the room we decided to head down to the pool to cool off. As she undressed I once again ...
03 February 2017

Brisbane Work Trip To Remember

On a trip to Brisbane for work I arrived Sunday afternoon found my motel and gladly checked in. After a quick shower I used my trusty phone to look up a place to have a drink nearby - only one came up,  easy choice.

  Walking in I thought to myself 'not a place for singles.' Just as I turned ...
28 January 2017

The Hot Wife Meeting At Hamilton Wharf

(Non-Fiction written by a friend, not myself)

I don’t like to think of myself as having a ‘type’ but when considering prospective partners there are a few characteristics that are known weaknesses. One of them is baldness, another is size. Not just penis size but physical size. I am not a short ...
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