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08 November 2016

The Good Wife- Part 1: My first experience at swinging

My husband knows me all too well. When it comes to indulging myself, if he asks me I will say no. So, he just goes ahead and plans the most incredible surprises for me- whether it's gifts, holidays or swinging!

Our first swinging encounter is a memory of a lifetime!

One fine day, ...
27 August 2016

There She Was

I traveled to Sydney one September day, arriving mid-afternoon ready to stay overnight for meetings the next day. My heart quickened slightly as I walked to the reception desk because I thought about what might transpire that warm spring evening.

We had exchanged a few messages and I had managed ...
01 May 2013

Sound asleep - a swinging story

I was soundly sleeping. We had had a nice evening with friends. The friends had gone to bed in our guest room. My girlfriend Karlee and I had invited our friends Matt and Meg to visit for the weekend. Karlee, Meg and Matt have been friends since school.

We had been to their house before and had ...
01 February 2013


My name is Samantha and this story is largely based on what happened in my life when I was 30 years old. At the time, I had been married for about 8 years to Robert, who was 33.

In general, life was good. In fact, our sex life was excellent. My husband was certainly an excellent lover.

One ...
18 March 2011

Straight to the Point

Forget the foreplay, forget the niceties, forget taking clothes off, I just want you to fuck me hard and to fuck me good.

Your dick inside of me, pounding hard. Bruising my thighs, Pushing my legs wide apart to accommodate your growth.

Sitting on top of you, grabbing your hair, digging my ...
10 November 2010

Meeting Someone Online - Chad's First Experience

I first started meeting people online in about 2002. It was a lot of fun and I always remember the first girl I met. I met her on one random chat site where you can talk crap to a bunch of like minded freaks. Not unlike this one, really. In between talking about the merits of the metric and imperial ...
24 August 2010

Is it working

I looked carefully at the box switching it on to see if it worked.The power supply had obviously blown so i replaced the box.The slightly overweight woman next to me started saying howmuch she hated her holiday she had just returned from.and thanked me for fixing her problem.Then she said she and ...
19 July 2010

School Mums

Hanging around in the pickup area waiting for school to come out is not the most exciting thing in the world.  All these parents, mostly mums, waiting for their special people to come out of school so they can hear about the adventures of the day.  Little cliques forming in the corners to make ...
03 September 2009

*Perfect* Stranger

Hi everyone, Heidi here. This is just a quick one about something funny that happened to me on the weekend.

My husband, Steve, and I were out on the town, and we'd both had a few drinks. We were just leaving club number two, headed for a third. Well, as we were headed out, Steve bumped into an ...
23 April 2008

A secret rendevouz..............

I was home alone...........partner at work. I noticed my neighbour was outside washing her car in a bikini.....Id always hed a thing for her, she was blonde..size 8..great arse! Id always flirt with her whenever i saw her. This day i was so horny and she looked so hot in her tiny little ...
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