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01 November 2017

A Lavender's Tryst: By the Wayside

Some of our stories are fiction, some of them are fantasies. Others are episodes constructed from our own naughty experiences. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

We leave the party early that night. We always do. When bodies press together, when laughter’s laced with the scent of ...
16 October 2017

First date

We have been teasing each other for quite some time now and it's time to meet. First date at the movies. We’ve both waited for this for some time and the thought of it is daunting. I wake up excited but nervous. The thought of you is making me horny. What the hell, I relieve some tension. I know ...
25 September 2017

Tram Ride Home - Part 1

My visit to the city over, it was time to try to beat the after-work rush, walking quickly to a nearby tram stop. I could see my chariot, one of older trams, not too far away, dreading the crush inside. Thankfully there weren't many waiting, I think 'I have timed it well,' as it gets quite hot and ...
10 September 2017

Sixfoot4 And His Dirty Blonde Christen His Boat

It was a crisp cool morning. He had told her he would pick her up at 5am. As she stood waiting, her mind wandered to the night before when they had met for the first time.

There had been flirty messages on RHP, then texts and several long telephone calls and the level of sexual excitement was ...
21 August 2017

The Lake

It was a perfect day to be at the lake. The warm spring air, the blue of the water, big, shady trees and beautiful green grass, like something out of a coffee table picture book. The picnic rug had been the perfect place to enjoy delicious cheese, great wine, scintillating conversation, a few laughs ...
19 July 2017

Catching Up With A Friend

So, I was at a party when I popped outside for some fresh air when an old crush from school came out as well. We suddenly recognized each other & rushed together for a big hug & a (how are you) quick kiss.

I’m a pretty tall bloke so I leaned down to hug her & she embraced me tightly, so I ...
06 July 2017


A few days away camping with friends had been just what I needed. Good company, some laughs and relaxation.

There was only one source of tension.

The looks, the subtle touches, the innuendo all kept me just on the edge of not quite aroused but constantly aware of him. He had brushed his hand ...
26 June 2017

Beach Dream

She was early this time. Usually she is always running late and the last to arrive to anything, but today things have gone to plan and she actually made it to their pre-arranged spot earlier than anticipated. As she walked down the steps the beach looked so peaceful. The water glistened in the sun, ...
07 June 2017

Lewd Laneway Rendezvous

True Story: It was a cold Saturday night and sitting in my hotel room with not much happening. I messaged a friend to find out what she was up to. She said she was at a club, my horny devious mind kicked into gear.

"Like me to wander over for a visit?"

Her response was "yes please would love ...
05 June 2017

Work Encounter

It was late for Deb to be heading home on this particular Friday. She’d had a busy day but written up some good business along the way so she was in good spirits. That feeling was helped along by the few drinks she’d shared with her workmates just before heading out. As she waited for the lift, ...
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