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13 January 2017

First Timers Can't Wait

Well, it was the end of a first meet. The lead up was pretty low key, contact on the website and then some small talk over messages and a phone call or two. Both liked each other but Charlene and Mal were both polite and steered away from the awkward conversation of sex. Strange as that's what they ...
26 December 2016

Saying Yes

We had exchanged a few messages, nothing major, just some quick one liners. He lived a good  distance away and worked overseas.

I was sitting at home nursing a mild hangover from a disaster of a date the night before when I got a message from him.

"How's your weekend looking?"

I replied, ...
19 September 2016


Initially you just wanted to meet me, but then decided you had to have me. You booked a mid-week hotel room. We agreed to meet in the bar. I am wearing a LBD with thigh high stockings and heels. Not much else.

I spy you at the bar and you turn to look just as I start to saunter in your ...
05 September 2016

Our First Erotic Encounter - My Fantasy.

This is my first story about meeting a sexy hot woman. If any one would like to make this a reality please get in touch..

We meet for a coffee and as we sit and talk our legs touch and we both look at each other as we feel the sparks fly. You suggest we retire to your place and we leave ...
30 August 2016

Forbidden Fruit

I was sitting at my computer late one night, a few bourbons under my belt and feeling very horny. I logged onto a sex site and was surprised so many good looking men were doing the same thing as me...sitting at their computers wishing and a-hoping there was someone out there that felt the same as ...
27 August 2016

There She Was

I traveled to Sydney one September day, arriving mid-afternoon ready to stay overnight for meetings the next day. My heart quickened slightly as I walked to the reception desk because I thought about what might transpire that warm spring evening.

We had exchanged a few messages and I had managed ...
12 May 2016

Giving My First Yoni Massage

We had met online and had been chatting for a couple of weeks. We had met for a coffee the day before and liked each other and made a time the following day for me to visit her while her hubby was at work. She was a larger woman just as I like about as size 16-18.

When I arrived at her house she ...
21 April 2016

Out Of The Blue

'Tap,'tap. the light knock echoed through her house. Standing just the other side of her carved timber door was Cleff, the man who before now had just been a picture on her laptop screen. Peering around the edge of the door as she opened it, her vision was greeted by a smile and the subtle fragrance ...
06 January 2016

Red Dress

We decide to meet, after talking, texting, and sexting, but after only seeing pictures of each other, enough is enough. I fly back on a Wednesday night from four weeks of intensive work in the Pilbara, we decide to meet at the Boheme - a swanky bar in Perth with access to a couple of nice hotels ...
07 December 2015

Sally and Jess

I met Sally on a swingers dating site. I was attracted to her profile and pics that said everything about her smouldering sensuality. She was in a relationship and bi-curious, I had no idea where it would lead but fortunately she found me attractive and we  flirted and had fun across the internet ...
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