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24 December 2017

The Office

It had been a long day in the office. I was working late again. You had messaged that you were thinking of me. I had been thinking of you too, though I tried to focus on the task at hand. A quick short reply. You asked what was wrong and I told you that I was still stuck at the office. You asked if ...
01 November 2017

Getting To Know One Another

It was his kisses that made her melt.  They always had, from the very first time their lips had met.

She loved the way his tongue danced with hers, how the saliva flowed between their mouths as they greedily, hungrily, explored each other for minutes at a time, pausing only to punctuate the ...
01 November 2017

The tease.

Using those ribbons, I immobilise your legs, nice and wide apart. You're naked, as nude & vulnerable as the day you were born. I’m going to position myself between your thighs, starting with little kisses, pubic mound…hip…inner thigh.

Gentle, soft, kisses, just a hint of tongue, slow, steady ...
06 October 2017

A Lazy Afternoon

It had been a stressful day. The mess he made in the kitchen, all that laundry and drama with kids, not to mention the major tantrum he made over the ever so slightest scratch on the car! The entire week was like this, with him constantly second-guessing her. She was so mad at him! Finally some ...
02 October 2017

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive.

A very sensual friend once confided to me her fantasy of some anal play, even an MMF with double penetration. None of her partners had been into it, but me, well while I'm by no means a regular expert, I'd certainly class myself as an enthusiastic amateur.

So we made a date for a nice cosy hotel, ...
17 August 2017

Pleasure Evening

As you enter the room, I turn to see you, slightly dripping only wearing a small towel around your waist to cover your already hard manhood.

My eyes drink in your handsome body as I can feel myself becoming wet with desire. I cross the room to you, swaying my hips slightly to tease you. As I ...
01 July 2017

I Want To Make Love To You.

I want to make love to you tonight. You're tired and stressed, and I want to take some of that away from you.

Let's start by you having a bath... low lighting... candles? Beer and Radox. Music on the stereo... whatever relaxes you, it's your choice.

When you're ready, you get out and I'll ...
26 June 2017

Sexy Naughty Cop

It was a hot summers night ... as she stepped out of the cool shower she patted herself dry and smiled with anticipation as she enjoyed the feeling of rubbing lotion over her tanned naked body that was smooth all over. She was a woman who knew her body and knew it very well .... She was thinking ...
13 May 2017

The Silence and the Steam.

I sit on my stool, steaming hot water sluicing down my naked form in cascades, like so many hot mountain springs. I am tired, almost beyond caring, loosely holding a still cold bottle of cider just out of the water, the condensation forming beads of sweat across the surface of the glass.

The ...
08 April 2017

A Bad Day Just Got Better

0730 and the roads were packed with traffic. It was raining the sun had barely crested the horizon as he drove to work early as he always did.

As he dawdled through the traffic he mentally went through his day: meeting, phone conference presentation, meeting followed by catching up on endless ...
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