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30 May 2018

Forbidden fruit

So imagine my surprise! I didn't even really want to go to a swinging party but my girlfriend insisted we go. She’d had these fantasies for years and while I was curious about the whole thing had no real desire to be there. I was more than satisfied with the sex we were having but as all you guys ...
25 May 2018

Hot night out in Melbourne

John and Lesley had flown into Melbourne the day before and had spent the day exploring Melbourne and doing some shopping and were now back at their hotel getting ready for their evening meet up with Mike and Elle.

They had been conversing with them both through RHP for some considerable time and ...
14 May 2018

Full house

My partner at the time and I were invited to a party which we weren’t sure about going to but decided screw it why not. We were invited by her parents friends as we had housesat for them while they were away.

When we finally got there we felt awkward as we were the youngest there both being ...
03 May 2018

A Night At The Club

It was a busy night at the club. Earlier in the night we had met a really sexy, friendly couple. They were young 30 something’s, flirty and fun. Our guys got chatting about guy stuff, whilst us girls went to the bar to get a drink. She was being very flirty with me. We were both a little tipsy and ...
30 January 2018

My Wifes Best Friends Sister Part 2

A few weeks back me and the missus went up to the Gold Coast to attend the 70th Birthday of My Wifes besties father. We got up there on the Friday morning and dropped our gear off at Michelle's Place and we all went down to Surfers for lunch. While alone at the table Michelle and I talked about ...
12 September 2017

Reverse Datefinder

Months ago we booked a B & B down the south coast from Sydney, just to get away for a long weekend, and maybe sun bake nude on some of the lovely white beaches. We advertised on Datefinder in the hope of finding other couples in the area to have some fun, but alas, nothing transpired.

We drove ...
14 August 2017

My 1st Swingers Party

I attended my 1st swingers party when I was living in the UK back packing around Europe.  I was 23 at the time and in my absolute prime. I'd always been very curious about both swinging and being poly.  I saw an add online for a couples party in a posh property just outside of London.

The way it ...
13 May 2017


"Hi babe!" I heard over the other end of the phone.

It was my x Debbie from 20 years ago. She had searched out my number, with disapproval, and as I sighed over the phone she went on to say that she would like to discuss a business proposal to my wife and I. As a keen business student open to new ...
03 May 2017

South Korean Swingers Clubs

Recently my partner and I were in South Korea on holiday and took the opportunity to visit two swingers/sex clubs in Seoul.

This came about from the last time we were in Korea we were in discussion to whether these kind of places exist in South Korea, after some quick googling I discovered ...
26 November 2016

Hot Summer Nights

The Jungle Bar in the Menzies Hotel was already nearly full when I arrived just after 7:00 pm. The Jungle Bar was renowned as a bar for sailors on leave as there was always an abundance of beautiful young ladies and the sailors were always cashed up. However, occasionally there were no boats in ...
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