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  • Santa_and_Elle

    Jun 29 2022

    I want to reach out to Matt and the Mistress for being so welcoming on our first visit to Between Friends. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to get back.

  • Dancing_princess

    Jun 26 2022

    Had a wonderful time this past weekend with a group of guys I found through rhp. I posted an ad and from all the responses I sifted through I managed to find a really great group of guys to play out my gangbang fantasies ??

  • CheekyTazDevil

    Jun 19 2022

    Have met the most amazing Lady that I'd never thought possible, would like to thank RHP for the chance to get to know her through this site. I would also like to say that my life has now changed since this Gorgeous soul has entered mine, I am sad BUT Very happy to now delete my profile as I have been lucky enough to find a friend, a soul mate, my cheeky Sub, and my happy ever after. To anyone that joins RHP I'd like to let you know that YES you can find that one that completes you in every way. Good Luck my RHP community And here is the girl's 7.5 cent comment to above. After signing up to this site my intent was to find a bit of fun, something to get my mind off things and then I met CheekyTazDevil and all my plans went woosh out of the window. The person I met was me in a male version, I cannot say it any other way. I never in a million years thought that I could find such a beautiful, hot, sexy, loving guy on a site like this where the purpose was something completely different. And now I am madly in love having found my soulmate and because of him able to live all my fantasies that I never thought would ever become real. In anyone on there...don't ever give up to find the right one for you.... it is possible and it is real!!!!!!

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