G'day Samantha.

Just putting myself out there would love your thoughts and input.

I've been single nearly 1 year and I've been having fun but I find myself thinking about being used as a slave to a couple.

When I was in a relationship I never had these thoughts.

Now I find myself thinking about orally pleasing a man with his wife, and other submissive acts.
Is this normal?

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It's really hard to say what is normal and what isn't these days. As long as what you do is consensual and legal, I don't think many people are that fazed by what other folk get up to in the bedroom (or out).

Your fantasy is shared by a lot of men of all different age groups. Whether you identify yourself as bi or not, it's not unusual to have extreme fantasies. Submission or slave fantasies are very common and are just as often played out in reality by many couples and singles.

Perhaps now that you're on your own and can explore various sexual situations, you are considering all the things that you might like to try? It doesn't mean that you really want to be a slave to a couple but your brain lets you consider it as an option now. If it becomes a recurring fantasy and you're keen to experiment then try finding an equally curious couple to play out some scenarios with, or a more experienced couple who enjoy gently initiating newbies. It's a less than vanilla play style but many on RedHotPie are getting into it.


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  • up_4_funtimes

    What is normal? What normal to one is not to another. If it leases you and you feel good about it then it's your normal.

  • Funtimes31

    I think the thoughts you are having are because you are very highly sexed and that is a good thing. The fact that you are thinking about these things is because you would like to try it. Two women and a guy and you giving him head, presumably before he penetrates his partner or both of you... all parties naked and enjoying the situation.. what could be better. Don’t think about it too much... just do it and enjoy.

  • hung_xxx


  • ginlover

    I dont believe in today's world there should be a "normal" status. do/try things you think will turn you on, it's your life and body do what makes you happy without fear of judgment. personally my last bucket list is to be with 2 bi guys....who would have thought it's been so hard to line up haha. xx Good luck with your journey and have fun with it!

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