Hello, I want to know can you get aids from unprotected sex if you pull out before you cum or even precum? Thank you.

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Yes you can. AIDS (the last stage of HIV infection, when the body is no longer able to fight infection and disesase) is transmitted through bodily fluids, so if you have sex with an HIV positive person and come into contact with their blood, semen (pre-cum included), vaginal fluids or rectal (i.e. the butt) fluids then you may become infected. Unprotected anal and vaginal sex are both leading causes of HIV transmission. It is even possible (though highly unlikely) to contract HIV through unprotected oral sex.

I'm not going to lecture you like your high school Phys Ed teacher and this isn't meant to be a scare campaign, but there are so many other STDs and STIs that are becoming increasingly more common. Do you really want to take that risk just for a little extra physical sensation? It's much less stressful and safer with casual sexual partners just to wrap up ya wanger before ya bang her/him/them and be sure to get regular sexual health tests done if you are sexually active - not only for your own health but for those that you get naked with.


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  • beachlovers76

    Really, this has to be a joke or I have lost all faith in the education system. This is basic information and one of the first things we learnt in sex education as a youngster, find it hard to believe that someone who is old enough to be on a site like this doesn't know.

  • Username51

    Probably the dumbest question I’ve read. After attention are ya pal

  • Brilly3006

    STIs and hiv is a concern.and protection should be used but I was under the impression it was more fags caught it.

  • steveandhisgirl

    no one in their right mind would have unprotected sex these days..........I hate condoms but being put on a sex register is not my idea of fun and thats for all STD DISEASES

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