Hi, do some women really love anal sex or is that just a male fantasy?

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Ahh, this ol' chestnut! Well let me start by saying that just as you cannot assume that all men enjoy anal (some men are not interested in anal at all) you cannot assume that all women feel the same way about it either.

To give you a bit of an idea of just how mixed the response is, here's some stats from a couple of polls we've done on the topic:

- When asked if they were a fan of anal sex, 60% of women said yes, 33% said no and the remaining 7% had not tried it.

- When asked about butt plugs 40% of women were a fan of them while 45% were not (the remaining 15% had never tried but were curious to give them ago).  

So, keeping in mind that the RedHotPie peeps are generally pretty open-minded, sexy folk, there's probably a good chance that a woman is into anal sex. Personally, I know some women that are obsessed with anal sex, and on the other hand I know some that are turned off by the very idea of it. Different strokes for different folks! My advice? If you want to know if someone is into anal sex, ask. Just maybe don't do it on the first date/message...


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  • Aauckland

    Interesting read

  • chanboys

    i hate having shit on my dick.. Thats rank. Ill fo it for the team but its not what i fantasis about

  • becky22

    You have to get it right. When you do it is the best.

  • Firefly4735

    I personally love it. But not the first time with someone and must be able to trust that person.

    And they need to know how to do it right and use lots of lube. Some of my best orgasms are from anal.

  • Mally0

    It’s great and so much fun once you know how to do it right

  • dragonend

    Never had one yet that does. One said it’s no different a feeling than a big poo going out and coming back in. That comment alone turned me off it for good lol

  • downunder76

    If done properly it can be very naughty and good fun especially with the rite person ..

  • Kitii

    I love Anal with the right partner of course! It’s all about the right preparation, lube & really good clit stimulation. She’ll come harder than she does vaginally 🤷‍♀️

  • savidylon

    My Asian gf wasn’t agree first but slowly slowly she enjoying now and loves

  • pudden

    Anal is absolutely awesome no idea why women back away ...as all my men adore anal .. Give it ago you never know unless you give it ago 😋😋

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