DO women really think about sex less than men, or is that just an excuse my girlfriend uses to avoid doing it!

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Sex addicts aside, I am afraid your girlfriend is right - although I am not sure that’s an excuse to totally avoid sex.  A recent study in The Journal of Sex Research established the average guy thinks about sex around 34 times a day.  That’s once every 42 minutes, which gives him just enough time to fit a sport show in between.  The average woman only thinks about it 19 times or once every 75 minutes, which is about the length of a Rom/Com.  Of course, testosterone is one of the key factors in sex drive. Males or females lacking this hormone will feel distinctly less horny than everyone else so it’s always good to get levels checked.

Ultimately, it’s not how often you think of sex, but what those thoughts trigger in you. If you have had less than average experiences, then even when the thought pops into your head it is going to be less likely acted upon.  So, aside from trying to synchronise watches, the trick is to make every time one to remember.  That way you can guarantee she will come back for more.


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  • Mitchblue

    I’d be interested to know what country the research was done, how many people were studied, their ages & % of males/females. I must be an unusual female because I think about sex all the time !

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