Does the position/location of the vagina vary in women? i.e. is it located further back or forward in some women?

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Yes, the position of a woman's vagina does vary slightly from woman to woman, however i'm not quite sure what you mean by location? If you're talking about the 'slope' of the vagina, I think referring to the position will cover that question, so we'll start there.

Generally, the vagina slopes upwards and then backwards towards the tail bone. If you google 'female reproductive system' and search images, you'll find diagrams that provide a side-on view which might make this clearer.

The vagina is the canal that leads to the cervix and research has found that the average length of a vagina is 9.6cm, however it can range from 6.5cm to 12.5cm. During arousal however, the vagina expands and elongates due to more blood flowing to the area. Given the relatively short length of the vagina, any variations in position are usually fairly minor.

I'm not sure what prompted this question, but when it comes to having sex and the position or the location of the vagina, it will not have a major effect on sexual activity.


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