Hi Sam, I was recently visiting one of my FWBs. Got up to get a drink of water and ran into her younger sister. We chatted for a bit (usual banter) she was a bit flirty and if I pushed it I may have had a chance. Never been confronted by someone so willing to play dirty on their sibling. What was she thinking?

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...and then you woke up and realised it was all a dream.

In all seriousness, it's perfectly likely that you misread the situation and were picking up on 'signals' where there weren't any. Maybe she is just a very friendly person? Even if she was being 'a bit flirty', it's a far cry from a little cheeky banter to being willing to 'play dirty' on your sibling. I'm sure we can all admit to having flirted with someone whilst having zero intention of going any further.

Without more details about what was said and how, it's hard for me to really know what was happening and whether she was being 'a bit flirty' or not. Without being a mind reader, it's impossible for me - or you, or anyone besides your FWB's sister - to know exactly what she was thinking. My advice is to let it go and think nothing further of it - until she drops her pants and yells at you "take me, stud!" you don't know for sure that she's actually hitting on you. At the end of the day, if you're not willing/wanting to act on it, then what does it really matter anyway?


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  • Sex_magic

    Sister rivalry for sure!

  • hotpies1

    That’s as big as the one on his forehead

  • hotpies1

    Mayb She was thinking I wonder if the dick on his pants iscas bog ss the one on his forehead

  • sensualcple2play

    Hmmm agree with sweetnsensual
    Maybe his greek, they tend to think any woman even says hello to them that they want them!

  • sweetnsensual

    If a woman is friendly doesn’t mean we want to get down and dirty with you. Just take it as what it was. She was chatting to you

  • canbpatient

    Hmmmm hit it on the head Sam....... Ulterior motives I thinks

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