Hi Samantha I want to try a foursome but am afraid to suggest it to my wife. how could I get her into this as I would love to watch her being fucked while I fuck someone else and then two of us fuck while she licks out the other female. Please help our sex life is almost non existent.

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Well firstly, I want to start by addressing your last line 'our sex life is almost non-existent.' My first concern is that it sounds like you're attempting to use swinging as a bandaid for the lack of sex in your marriage. If this is the case, my advice is do NOT attempt swinging. Even if your wife says yes - which I imagine to be highly unlikely if you're not connecting sexually - it is a recipe for disaster.

My advice? If you are sexually unsatisfied in your marriage, speak to your wife. Is she satisfied, or is she too feeling like the sex is lacking? If she IS satisfied, is she willing to do more to keep you satisfied? Or is she perhaps open to you fulfilling your needs elsewhere, or open to introducing others to your sex life and exploring together? If she isn't satisfied, what can the two of you do to reconnect? Could you talk to someone together, or research strategies online for spicing things up again?

While you work on your communication, connection and trust - all of which build the strong foundation necessary for any (successful) swinging relationship - I would also suggest that you close your profile down here and only rejoin once you have been open and honest with your wife about all of your desires and she is open to it...Best of luck!


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  • 69tattoorob

    I never had that problem it was the wife who placed the ads in sex shops used her phone number for people\ single men to ring her. She had phone sex with a couple of them even used her vibrator as they told her what he was going to do to her with one they talked for two hours, and she had several orgasms he also persuaded her to shave her pussie bald, and she did spending hours not a hair from front to back found. This was going to be our first time swapping partners, but she only got calls from single men so an MFM was arranged. We talked about what should happen how far to go no kissing etc Shorten the story she had five calls in the first week finding it hard to pick one I told her as a joke why not fuck one every day next week that's what she did now with her planning who is first our first encounter I was the only person in the room nervous she amazed me by how easy she got into it in five minutes after he entered the room they were both naked her sucking his cock same for AL five

  • Specialised

    Hi Samantha,
    I am new to this but don’t seem to be having much luck.
    I am messaging people who I think fit my personality but do t seem to be having much luck in getting much commitment.
    Is my profile wrong? I am being honest and truthful but I don’t think it’s working.
    I am a good looking guy and just like to connect with someone with similar circumstances as me.’
    Can you suggest I do things differently?

  • Uniquebloke76

    Would you like to have hot sexual fun with us. I will sit back and watch until you or Dani wants my big hard cock...Dani is very bi and I'm happy to watch... . Jamie and Dani

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