I'm really serious about getting into the swinging scene. Maybe you could suggest some things I could try?

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The swinging scene is like any gathering of like-minded people, you just need to find out where they hang out, begin communication, be patient and respectful and most importantly become trusted.
Trust and respect are very important factors with open relationships, as sex and sharing your partner is quite an intimate thing.
Many of the couples you run into may also be new to the scene, so as a single male it is incredibly important to make both parties feel comfortable. I guarantee: if you don’t first put the guy’s mind at rest, you probably won’t end up with the girl. So, spend as much time engaging him as her.

As for where to go… well, you are in the right place. There is no shortage of open-minded couples on Red Hot Pie, both experienced and new. There are also plenty of chat groups and video chats that spring up where you can interact with others to build trust and rapport - and of course there are parties and functions Red Hot Pie put on that are a must to attend.

But, it is something you must put time and effort into. It’s no good sending a bunch of messages and then sitting back like you just ordered pizza. Becoming accepted in any alternative scene is a process and you must learn the lingo, rules and acceptable behaviours first.
Finally, a great idea that works really well for single guys is to find a single girl who wants to explore too. Team up and turn-up to things as a ‘couple’. That way you will exponentially increase your chances of acceptance into the group and give people a chance to get to know you better.

Next time, if you are on your own and you made a good impression last time, you will have a far higher chance of being accepted and having fun.


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  • married2aBBW

    Except the 2 singles as a couple aren't a couple and so are sort of "cheating" at swingers nights for single ladies and couples only ( saw 2 pairs like this at last night we went to with those entry conditions , they from what we saw didn't get to play with other actual couples and one of the single guy who snuck in with his 'partner' actually looked rather lost and sheepish and sat off to a side ) as you are not actually 'swapping' your partner with someone else as they share their partner with you.

  • sweet_cherry69

    Great advice 😄💋😈🍷

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