Hey guys I read your column every month and love it. I was thinking of taking my new girlfriend to a nudist camp. I have always wanted to try this but how do I convince her.

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I remember the first time we went to a nudist camp. We got to the front gate and were just about ready to turn around and flee when a tall, bearded, middle-aged guy came strolling out: 8 inches flopping around in the breeze. We were frozen to the spot not sure what to do, but by the time I came to my senses it was too late, he had opened the gate and was knocking on my window, waving us through, his dick now at eye level.

That memory is burnt into my brain, however I am grateful that he stopped us chickening out. We had one of the most wonderful holidays ever and went back almost every year. There is something utterly freeing and relaxing about holidaying nude. Most holidays take a few days before you feel relaxed but a nude holiday is quite different. The first 15 minutes feel weird and uncomfortable as the clothes peel off and your brain screams, ‘Help I’m naked’.  Then a very short time later you feel like you’ve been on holiday for years. It’s like your worries fall off with your clothes and next thing you know you are sitting around the pool sipping cocktails and watching lily-white body parts bob up and down like it’s no big thang.
There are a few really beautiful locations in Australia. The type of people who go are really nice and unexpectedly normal. Ok, so you are not going to get a full house of beautiful people but there is often a good mix of younger and older.

How do you get her there? Well I think most people are curious to go to one, so just remind her that there is no obligation to be nude. She can wear a sarong if she feels really uncomfortable and I guarantee: a few hours in the sun and she won’t want to go home.
In my opinion, everyone should give this a try so go on. Live a little.


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  • steveandhisgirl

    You dont until she wants tooo......why do you want to go....

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