I almost never feel like sex these days. I know this has killed my relationships in the past and put guys off getting serious with me. What can I do?

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Well there are many reasons we don’t want sex, the two primary ones being psychological and chemical.

So, my first advice is to get your hormone levels checked and take some time to address any of the psychological aspects that might be holding you back, such as bad past experiences etc.
Obviously, professional help is the best way to go here, but there are some other factors you can consider on your own.

Since most of us have enjoyed sex at some point in time, it may seem odd that it can become a drag. But the truth is, as anyone who has had an affair will tell you, we want sex just fine, we just don’t want to work for it.  And when we are tired and stressed with life on our mind it’s easy to let sex fall into the category of ‘work’.
Fortunately, we can re-train our brain initially by reminding ourselves of all the advantages of making time to do it!

1) It will put you in the mood –  Once you get over the obstacle of starting, 9 times out of 10 Mother Nature kicks in and you will feel like doing it.
2) It boosts endorphins – Scientifically proven to increase chemicals responsible for making you naturally feel happier about life.
3) Boosts oxytocin  - A hit of the chemicals that help you to naturally feel closer to your partner and more loved.
4) De-stress – Sex generates a litany of stress releasing chemicals that will help you handle life better.
5) Good for the heart – Sex is great cardio exercise, especially for the heart.
6) Better outlook – Sex is a natural anti-depressant and can boost your outlook on life.
7) Anti-aging – Sex is one of the best anti-aging tonics for mind, body, soul and even skin and hair.
8) It gets easier – The more you do it, the easier it gets – SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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  • divine

    Good sound advice my ex put me off sex but hoping to enjoy intimacy again soon i guess its just something you get on with

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