How do I get my wife into wanting to try another penis? We have been together since high school and I'm ready to experiment and she isn't. We have a young family and that is at the top of her mind. I want to visit a no pressure swingers event as a night out for us but she won't be in it.

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I'm seeing a few red flags just reading your question that I have to point out - "I'm ready...she isn't", "family is at the top of her mind", "she won't be in it."

The fact that the two of you have been together for at least 16 years (based on your profile ages) and excluding all others is a pretty major thing. Your wife may be perfectly happy with the penis she has at home and not want another. You may have to accept the fact that she will never be interested in anything sexually outside of a monogamous relationship. OR she may be curious but just isn't ready at this time - it sounds as if she has her priorities elsewhere right now, and if you have a young family can you really begrudge her that?  

While you may be super keen to go to a swingers event, if you push her into it before she is ready (assuming that she ever IS ready) then you'll be ruining any possible chance of moving forward in the scene for both of you. She will not be in the right head space and won't have a fun night if she isn't fully relaxed and open to it. What's worse is that she will likely resent you for pushing her into it and I can pretty much guarantee that she will not want to go again and will shut down completely about anything sexy outside of your 'norm'. Don't push her into it until/unless she is absolutely ready.

Have you discussed it with her properly? If not, sit down and talk about it fully and openly - tell her about your desires, ask her about hers, and she will let you know whether she is or isn't open to it in future. Then it's up to you to decide where to go with her answer.


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  • Pussypleaser411

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  • scandu4fun

    You need to be honest with yourself first, why are you so keen that you're willing to push. You need to have all your issues sorted completely and honestly before you contemplate extra. Totally honest open communication with each other on anything. Then the conversations will go over a period of time as different questions arise. As Samantha says if you push it will stop. Your wife may be taken back by your real motivation and you need to reassure her that she is your primary priority and love.

  • 69tattoorob

    During sex one night as we talked the question asked was are we ready to start swinging I liked the idea wife was in two minds after a few weeks during sex using a Dildo on her she asked if taking another man's cock feels like this she might want to experience it so the plan was set find a couple to swap partners with finding only single men would reply back to us okay I said to her pick one of the five replies to meet and have a threesome with well she picked one now going from shy to wild enjoying him as I watched amazed at how easy she took him so for the next five days she was fucked by one man every day only sucking my cock once she enjoyed every day with another man's cock deep in her pussy once she started it was hard to stop her did sex acts we never did giving herself totally
    to them yes it didn't go to plan but she was happy

  • hotdelights

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  • steveandhisgirl

    Back off shes not emotionally ready no all females can so this.....personally id slap u if i was her

  • DynamicCouple36

    Seems like it is all about what you want and that you are wanting to push her into this.

    It will only end in disaster

  • Chloe4242

    Communication is the key to everything. No pressure just be gentle with your words and honest about how you feel and what you want tell her that she will always be no. 1 and how much you love her. We need to hear that often. Good luck!!

  • abab1

    My girl and I were together for 10 years then got married.

    The next month we went on a driving holiday for a few weeks and managed to unload the kids in Brisbane.

    My wife, looking hot from her wedding weight loss, horny from being with the kids 24/7 and no sex asked is we might look at one of those swingers parties!

    I found a good one luckily, we had the option of looking and leaving, so nervous but she played with a hot guy and we're happy swingers now.

  • CherrySnickers

    What a great answer Samantha. I can relate to that stage of life (young family) and just having space and energy for particular things at particular times. I think the last thing she needs is to be pushed and a swingers event sounds pretty intense and possibly a frightening thought for an introduction to the idea of being with others. However - open the lines of communication, be patient, take small steps together and you never know where things can lead! X

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