A Night to Remember

I open the red envelope that has been delivered to me with a single red rose, inside is a small white card with writing on one side.

“Meet me at 7:30 tonight. Dress sexy”.

I look in the envelope again and see there is another card in there. A key card to room 132 at the hotel where you are staying.

I feel excitement rush at the apex of my thighs, knowing but not knowing what is going to happen.

We met weeks ago, you sent me a message to my profile, telling me how beautiful you thought I was, that you wanted the same thing as me. And since we met, you showed me that too. You were gorgeous, beyond my expectations, surely someone as beautiful as you would be able to have any woman he wanted. Yes, but you wanted me, and only me.

When I first saw you, I saw you smile for the first time, as I had only seen pictures of you. I melted to my knees and became a messy puddle – well in my mind at least. In front of you all you saw was a reserved, calm woman, business-like, guarded, and almost suspicious. I’ve never trusted easily, and particularly men like you I have avoided my entire life. You were made for a Goddess.

The rest of the day passes slowly, too slowly as my thoughts that should be on my work are dominated by thoughts of you, dominating me.

Finally the day is over, I drive home barefoot in my black stockings, my black skirt purposely raised up higher on my thighs. I run my hand along my legs and rub the insides of my thighs as I drive home. I
can’t wait to see you.

Once home I jump in the shower, hot water and soap running down my face, my back, over my breasts, and down over my pussy. It feels so good. When I get out, I dry my hair and walk to my room.

Pondering over what to wear, I remember a short little black skirt that I had recently bought. Putting it on along with a black corset, sexy lacy underwear, and thigh high stockings I am envisioning how the night will play out, and at what point you will take it off.

Hanging up the phone from the florist I can feel my heart begin to quicken. The thought of you, here, in your lingerie is almost too much to bear. I wonder when you will receive the flower and the envelope. I need to get this room ready. The thought of laying you down on the bed, sliding your panties down over your legs, kissing the inside of your thighs, and…..

Shaking my head, I force the thoughts out of my mind. My erection is throbbing against my pants. I need to get my shit together.

I jump in the shower with thoughts of relieving myself but then I imagine you with your bright red lipstick on your knees in front of me, grabbing me, sucking me.

I get out of the shower, dry myself off, my hardness bouncing against my towel. Fuck this is unbearable.

It’s 7:25pm. I’m standing outside the hotel. My heart is beating so fast. I don’t know what has gotten over me, I have met this guy before. But this is different, so much more mysterious.

I walk into the foyer and press the button for the elevator. I wonder if I will have time to freshen up, my pussy is already so wet from the excitement.

The elevator ‘dings’, startling me. I walk through the corridor and around the bend. When I have reached the door, there is an envelope on the floor at the door saying, ‘open me’. I feel a rush, opening the envelope the instructions read:

‘Enter the room. Do not go further than the first 2 meters. To the left on the floor is a box. Inside is a blindfold. Put it on, and get to your knees, and wait’

I put the envelope with the note in my handbag and proceed to use the key card to enter the room.

The lights are off except for a small low lit lamp on the bench top at the entrance, just enough so I could see the box sitting on the floor. I put my bag on the counter, go to the box and retrieve the blindfold.

I proceed to put the blindfold on, and I get down on my knees.

I’m waiting.

It feels like an eternity, but it couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds.

I feel him approach me, feel his breath as he walks around me. I hear him tut tut ’You are wearing too many clothes.’ And he proceeds to undo the zipper at the back of my corset, pulling it away from my body, and releasing my breasts. He then leans down, kisses and nibbles my ear, and brushing his hand across my nipples. I start to feel him tie something around my neck, and realise it is his tie. Not tight, but not loose either, he tugs it to feel the resistance.

I continue to kneel, licking my lips, waiting, wanting, when I feel something slide across my mouth. It smells musky, and feels smooth like velvet. I reach out with my tongue and he taps it with his cock, my head moving forward to taste more, but he pulls away swiftly to tease me. I reach up with my hands, and he says, ‘uh uh, no you don’t, we’ll have to tie you up now.’. I hear him move away from me, returning with something clinking together, then feel the handcuffs tighten around my wrists behind my back. He grabs the tie around my lift, lifting it, signalling for me to get up, and I do as I am told.

Sightless and with only him to trust, he guides me further into the room, the floor turns to carpet, and with his hands on my shoulders, puts slight pressure on them pushing me sinking back to the floor.

My mouth open, my breath quickening, I feel him rub his cock once again on my lips, my tongue reaching out to lick the head of his penis. I feel his hands on my head, as slowly his cock enters my mouth, and I’m greedy to take as much of him as I can. I can taste his sex, he is so delicious and hard, and feel the velvet of his head moving in and out of my lips. I am feverish in my sucking, I want more, more, and feel him quicken in his motions.

And then he stops.

I am so wet. I can feel my panties stick to my pussy. Once again, I feel him pull at the tie around my neck, and I move to get up. He stands in front of me, and kisses me deeply, his tongue swirling together with mine. His hands linger at my waist, pushing my skirt down over my hips to the floor. I
then feel his fingers underneath my panties, his finger reaching inside, sliding over my wet pussy.

“You are so wet…” he groans with pleasure, and lifting me up, slowly slides my panties down my legs, and I feel him bend down and pause, his head between my legs, and I hear him breathe in, saying ‘hmm you smell delicious’, and I feel his tongue brush over my pussy lips. He pushes me back onto the bed, and I feel him spread my pussy lips, and him burying his tongue deep inside me.

He grabs me from my ankle and I feel one shackle of tighten around my ankle. He then proceeds to shackle the other ankle too, attaching it to a spreader bar, forcing my legs to remain open. He turns me around facing me toward the bed, My legs are spread, and his hand reaches between my legs from behind, cupping my pussy, which is now soaking wet. He slips one finger inside me, fucking my pussy with it, in, out, in, out again. My whole body is on fire and I’m moaning, begging for more. “Please” I say.

He walks around the side of the bed and pushes his cock in my face “You want this, do you?” and he once again puts it in my mouth, and I suck it profusely, tasting his juices. He pulls away from me and pushes my body in an arch, so I am forced to raise my ass. I feel him slide inside my pussy, spreading it open as he goes deeper and I cry out in pleasure. He moves inside me, hard, fast, deep, then slowing down to make it last longer. I feel him pulsate inside me. I feel him lean over to grab something on the bed, and then suddenly feel the vibrations of a toy buzzing against my clitoris.

He moves inside me faster, grabbing my ass with one hand and sliding his cock in and out of my wet pussy, juices rolling down my legs while holding the vibrator against me, my pleasure moving higher and higher. Before either of us can take anymore I hear him thrust one last time crying out and emptying himself inside of me, as I cum exquisitely at the same time. We both collapse onto the bed, me on my stomach and him on top of me.


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  • loveYOURpleasure

    4 months ago

    I’m a bit slow to the party in reading this but I’ll echo all the congratulations and compliments you have received. Beautifully conceived, constructed, and written. A credit to you. Hopefully the beauty and eroticism of your work of fiction is matched by your real life experiences through RHP.

  • RexDeville

    5 months ago


  • Viccpl

    5 months ago

    Fabulous story - now have a great frame of mind for the weekend! Thank you.

  • Rock_Hard

    5 months ago

    @AWomanWithNeeds very well written, you’re obviously very talented, and I sense have a good idea what you want.

  • Rock_Hard

    5 months ago

    Awesome, sounds like you really enjoyed yourself

  • Meet32

    5 months ago

    Love it.

  • ajaussie

    5 months ago

    Excellent story… very exciting and hot

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    5 months ago

    Nice story, I had some encounters with some people in hotel but I found it’s hard to organise but when it happens, it’s amazing.

  • DeliciousDelilah

    5 months ago

    Loved 🥰 well done hunny!!! Beautifully written. Particularly liked the him/her perspectives

  • CairnsGuy35

    5 months ago

    Wow. Sounds very erotic. The art of teasing and seduction is such good foreplay.

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