Woman 43yrs


It was obvious from our early conversations that he was interested in anal play, even though he did talk about how much he was into female squirting it was fairly obvious he wanted to explore pegging. Never had this topic come up, certainly not in the very vanilla hetero-normal experiences I'd had.

Over 2 years our increasingly intimate experiences escalated. The agony and the ecstacy, it was like a drug. I was hooked. It's all just a chemical response, I tried to tell myself. It's not real, but it was too late.

I could not stop thinking about him.

After so many years of singledom, his curiosity and imagination had set my soul on fire.  Only the most taboo, mysterious, even mythical sexual experiences that everybody talks about but questions their actual existence. Can a guy really blow from just p-spot stimulation? Can a girl really squirt?

His imagination and curiosity had me completely compelled, each meet up hotter than the last, different every time - this is pure Sagittarius. Our unbridled imaginations entwining to create the most powerful sexual passion.

Every interaction had me so moist I was literally salivating, soaking, dripping. Lube? Who needs that stuff!

Many times he had filmed himself and sent it to me, I had even caught him anally pleasuring himself when he had invited me over to visit. But never had we tried it together. I had finally purchased a prostate stimulating vibe which I casually presented to him but he shyly laughed it off. It was killing me, I so badly wanted to explore the idea he put in my head so long ago.

Finally, "bring something different with you, surprise me" he asked me. My excitement was intangible. Of course I had played with this toy by myself, just to check how it felt. Would it help stimulate my g-spot and maybe make me squirt? I managed to have many, satisfying multiple orgasms with it. It felt so good on me so I wanted to know how he would respond to it. The anticipation was driving me wild.

Bringing out the strawberry scented lube was the beginning, the sweet scent driving my senses wild, as well as the sight of him, "god you turn me on" he whispers to me, the flirtation between us along with the pure excitement we were doing something both of us had not tried together. As we teased and pleasured each other with the vibe and finally he takes it from me and he slides it inside him. Continuing to pleasure one another, the sight of his response to a new sensation is excruciating, the sound of his voice, his moans vibrating through me making me respond like a well trained pet. I am wet and aching and just want him inside me.

We change position so he could enter me from behind and I could still hold the vibe in place, I can feel the vibration in me now too. As he slowly thrusts into me, my extreme arousal is obvious. I am tight and engorged and extremely wet, the sensation of him inside me is overwhelming and within moments I am feeling the wave of release flood through me, once, twice, three times.

I know he isn't going to last much longer and he withdraws just in time. His huge load rocketing up past his head, high into the air only just missing his face. I grab his delicious dick and swallow the rest of his load and he delightfully smiles as I look up at him while I'm swallowing, loving every moment of his orgasm as much as my own.
God I just can't get enough.


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  • Patrick2510

    1 month ago

    Anal experimentation is very rewarding for both parties, great story xx

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