Her first impact play

Her eyes flashed excitement with a hint of hesitation when I asked if she would like to be strapped to the frame. She had never experienced impact play, so it was no wonder her positive reply took a few seconds to be articulated.

She removed her dress revealing matching black bra and panties and spread her arms each side of the frame to be secured by the wrist restraints.

She and her partner were attending a recently created event specifically aimed for people new to the BDSM scene. Newbies have the opportunity of chatting with experienced kinksters and trying out the various aspects from impact play through to shibari.

She had watched me performing impact play on a person earlier that evening and informed me that she felt confident to allow me to introduce her to this new experience.

We had discussed the toys in my collection and the use of safe words as well as any limitations she may have. I assured her that I wanted her experience to be pleasurable and sensual. I began with my soft deerskin flogger. Running it gently over her back and buttocks as an introduction I then began gently flogging her upper back and buttocks.

To begin with she was standing straight against the frame but as the sensual feelings of the flogger overtook her apprehension she relaxed and pushed her arse towards me. A wonderful sign for a Top! The job of a Top or Dom is to give the person they are playing with the experience they desire.

I watched her body movements intently, ensuring she was enjoying the experience and slowly increased the intensity of the strokes. Her body language ensured me that she was. My last stroke of the deerskin flogger came down hard over her buttocks.

After each hard stroke it’s time to check in with the play partner and, as I asked her how she felt, I ran my fingernails down her back, over her buttocks and to the tops of her thighs. Her reaction was fantastic! She let out a soft moan and assured me she was enjoying every minute.

On to the slightly heavier flogger, again running it over her back and buttocks to initiate the feel against her skin. Soft strokes again on her upper back and buttocks and slowly increasing the strength of the strokes. Picking up the matching flogger I began to perform florentine on her buttocks. Her movements became extremely sensual.

After the initial warming using the two types of floggers, I started slapping her buttocks to continue the warming process. By this stage she was moaning loudly. Then came the heavy flogger. This gives a lovely thuddy feeling. After the last hard lash, I ran my fingers sensually down her back and buttocks. She responded. Her whole body trembled, and she exclaimed “Oh fuck!”

I began to use the different toys on her arse constantly checking with her. Each toy was introduced gently with several soft strokes and finishing with a harder stroke. Some she liked, others she called “orange”.

The play lasted about 15 to 20 minutes and her reaction all the way through was awesome and so gratifying to me. To have the opportunity of introducing someone inexperienced into the kink scene and to see how much they enjoyed the play is so fulfilling.