Man 24yrs


I often reminisce on the sounds she would make. I could hear how her throat purred as her compressed lungs emptied in contentment; it changed the timbre to something guttural. Intensity was required to produce this noise; she had to be intensely stimulated while intensely aroused. The arousal was the easy part, but the stimulation required quite a bit of sweat.

I would bring her close to the edge while straddling the backs of her thighs, fucking her cunt and pressing the heel of my palms into the small of her back to give myself leverage. At the right moment I'd lean forward and allow my whole weight to rest on her torso, generating that stifled sigh of relief as her need for intimacy was met.

I'd hook my arm around her throat, squeezing it between my bicep and forearm until I heard that delightful choked inhale. I'd reach with my free hand to maneuver her face, grasping it by her cheeks to keep her supple mouth open. At this point she would look very pretty and pathetic: the mirrored wardrobe opposite the edge of the bed we were facing allowed a full view of her reddening sweaty face; her eyes looking back at me between her pouty lips and furrowed brow.

I'd bury my cock down as deep as it would go before I began a steady rhythm of short and controlled thrusts. With each downward flex of my hips, she'd let out that beautiful sound. I always wanted more, so I would tilt her head so I could spit onto her cheek before smearing it with purposeful irreverence. I could tell the degradation had brought her closer. I wanted her orgasm - I wanted to see, hear and feel it - so I would release my grasp around her mouth and began slapping her cheeks in between smearing the deluge of spit and sweat.

The strikes were just firm enough to make her gasp, with an almost surprised expression. Her eyes would begin to roll back and a grin would stretch across my face as I felt her body begin to lock up. The last groan would pass her lips before she held her breath and came through the unrelenting thrusting and kneading within her. She would cum again after her obscene display would tip me over the edge as well. We came together as I allowed myself to growl through the release and empty myself inside, my breath becoming shaky as the sensation overwhelmed me.

We retired from that intense moment with giggles and satisfied sighs, continuing to lay on one another until my twitching cock slipped from her cunt and allowed my load to pour out and down between her thighs.

I thoroughly enjoyed those intense, filthy moments.


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  • PhoeniXandB

    17 days ago

    This is really good.. the perfect balance between animalistic and intimate. Your mental POV is exactly what every woman wants her man to be thinking while he is incapacitating her with pleasure. Just add some face fucking complete with running mascara, a bit of filming, and anal so deep and intense it sends her into another dimension & you've got yourself the perfect night in!

  • Heartstrings

    19 days ago


  • Goosh21

    28 days ago

    Love it 😍

  • DeltaDark

    1 month ago

    Love this! A scene I've known. Very hot!!

  • duaneSochma

    1 month ago

  • fieldoo

    1 month ago

    Very well described.

  • pleaser96

    1 month ago

    I would love to watch even join in cumming down ur throat

  • KinkyAussies2022

    1 month ago

    @Rory please DM me. I need u to choke me out use and abuse me

  • KinkyAussies2022

    1 month ago

    Hot DAMN! Yes please SIR. Make me ur next victim?

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