Couple Man 46yrs Woman 44yrs

Second times the charm

We’d met and played with N&T once previously. Last time was at our house after meeting for dinner at a local club. This time we were invited to their place just out of town.

As we arrived we noticed they had a mattress laid out on their lounge room floor. We had a nice chat and something to eat on their deck overlooking the mountains beyond their property.

We were in the kitchen after dinner and I started cuddling and kissing N who was sitting on the kitchen bench. J (Mrs Jackson) barely missed a beat, dropping to her knees while unleashing T’s cock and sliding it straight into her mouth. We were talking and joking around. J kept looking up at us all and trying to talk with a mouthful of cock. She gets a really cheeky, nearly mischievous smile on her face when she’s sucking another guy.

I took N to the mattress, laying on my back she started sucking my now throbbing member. She didn’t take my entire length but I was hitting the back of her throat pretty hard. And she wasn’t gagging to my surprise. I occasionally caught a glimpse of my now glistening cock through her strands of straight, black hair. I told N to hold that position while maneuvering out from underneath her. I wasted no time as I slid my aching cock all the way into her wet and ready pussy. She let out a gasp and dropped her head onto the mattress as her lips stretched to accommodate my rigid cock.

T and J had made their way over and were in the same position right next to us on the mattress. J was letting out some very primal sounding grunts and groans as T smashed her with the enthusiasm and force of a man possessed. Once again, the looks that woman gets on her face when another man is inside her...Incredible. We were both going hard but T came first, letting out a guttural roar as he unloaded his entire load deep in my wife’s now swollen pussy.

I continued my rhythm for a couple more minutes but needed to get my breath back (hey, I’m not as young as I used to be). I kept N in the same position and dropped to my stomach, wrapping my hands around her thighs and pulling her forcefully onto my face. I spent the next ten minutes exploring N’s gorgeous pussy and tight arse with my mouth, tongue and as many fingers as I could. She came several times, my face now soaked with a combination of our fluids. Still connected via my tongue, I flipped onto my back as J bent over to work my cock with her moist mouth and skillful hands. That position lasted all of 30 seconds. The sight of my wife’s arse in the air had T ready again.

Entering J from behind (she was on all 4’s), he then picked her up while still inside her and with one hand wrapped very firmly around her throat, pounded her from behind while standing. He had his other hand on her tummy, using it to keep her standing but also slamming her back hard while thrusting hard and deep. Then he pulled out and I saw my quivering wife squirt all over their hardwood floors. While he was destroying my Queen, I’d taken my turn to cum in his. We’d lay there and watched for a bit and as he’d finished, he carried J over to us and we all lay on the mattress, cuddling, kissing and chatting until it was time for us to leave.

Our first play was great, but nerves had definitely played their part. This occasion was nothing short of mind blowing. And we’ve all agreed it will not be our last.