Couple Man 41yrs Woman 36yrs

Those damn black jeans

“What are you smirking about girl” I asked.

"I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to explain what just happened to my friends“.

She was looking up at me over her shoulder, my back against the wall with her propped up between my legs, her head resting on my stomach. Her breathing was slowly gaining regularity as I watched her pert breasts slowly rise and fall. Her wrists were still tightly bound with her hands in her lap, her pinky and ring fingers gently moving as she caressed her still pulsing clit. Puddles of her nectar pooled on the hardwood floor beneath the suspension ring while her cum glistened on her toned thighs in the dull candle light.

The room was perfumed with her sex and sweat. Ropes lie strewn across the room with my cane and whips recklessly discarded after they were used to counter poise her moments of bliss and pleasure. A vibrator was still pulsing just out of reach, its rumble almost drowned out by the dark, seething tunes coming from the stereo.

She had told me that she fought the urge to come and talk to me after I playfully teased her while we waited at the bar to buy drinks. She knew there was something that bothered her about why I hadn’t pursued her like every other guy that she had ever been with and eventually she had to scratch the itch. Her friends joined my group at the pool table and after some teasing and blatant flirting on her behalf she gave me her number on request as my mates hustled me out of the pub to our next venue of the bucks night pub crawl.

We texted briefly till I called her, chatting about previous sexual experiences and discussing at length why she wasn’t getting the sex she desired and why after fucking most of the men in her life she had little or no desire to pursue them for anything other than basic entertainment. I was straight up with her about how I played with rope, toys and impact implements and she opened up completely, telling me some of her unfulfilled fantasies.

She suggested a coffee date to which I laughed and told her that she can pick a latte up on the way to mine if caffeine is that important to her.

She arrived at my house on time a few nights later, wearing exactly what I told her to. A short, tight black leather mini dress and a full length tan overcoat concealing a black lace teddy with suspenders attached to sheer black Cuban stockings and gloss black 4 inch heels. She handed me the bottle of Taylor’s Shiraz after she greeted me with an apprehensive kiss on the lips.

I took her coat and led her to the lounge room which had been prepared in anticipation of her arrival. She sat next to me as I poured the wine and went through the usual small talk, banter and negotiations for what was about to unfold. Before I had finished my glass of wine she was straddling me. Her tongue greedily lashing at mine as my fingers ran up the back of her neck slowly, taking a fist full of her hair and pushing her harder onto my mouth. Her breathing turning erratic as my free hand made its way from her knee, slowly gliding over her thigh, as my fingers felt the silk of her stockings change into soft, warm flesh.

My fingers delicately pulling aside the crotch of her teddy, finding her pussy already soaked. 2 fingers gently circling the entrance to her pussy, lubricating my fingers with her wetness. I gradually eased my middle and index fingers inside of her, gently hooking them upwards to find her g spot. The large plug in her ass I asked her to wear helped my fingers fill her already tight pussy. She knew what my intentions were and she responded by rotating her hips forwards to give me the angle I needed to get her where we both wanted her to be. Both fingers stroking softly inside of her before I began rhythmically tapping at her now engorged sweet spot, picking up the pace slowly as I pulled her head back from mine, licking her bottom lip gently before pressing her forehead hard onto mine, staring into her deep eyes. As her noisy pussy swelled I applied more pressure, never letting up the now frantic pace. Knowing she would be gushing any second I pulled her ear to my mouth and let her feel my hot breath on her ear.

In a low tone I growled my command.
“You’ve got 5 seconds to give me exactly what I want girl.”

Her eyes were now wide open and her pupils fully dilated as she took a deep breath and held it in, nodding quickly as I started counting

I could already feel droplets of cum on my wrist as she part exhaled, part moaned as her body began shaking. The last 3 numbers weren’t needed as she surrendered to the ripped through her body, her flooded pussy releasing wave after wave of pleasure. With it came a steady stream of her beautiful hot nectar, cascading over my hand and wrist, covering me in her pleasure.

I kept my fingers on her pulsing g spot for 10 seconds, pounding it relentlessly till I heard her gasping for air. She cursed at god as I backed off, spreading my fingers apart to explore all of her.

As I eased my fingers from her trembling pussy I delicately circled her clit, feeling her quivering legs clenched around my waste. Slowly bringing my drenched fingers to my lips I seized her by the back of her neck, pulling her into me. Greedily she sucked at them as we savoured her sweet juices together, our tongues colliding with one another gently before I lifted her to her feet.

“Take off your skirt and kneel under the suspension ring”.

I stood up stripping my once crisp, white shirt off. It was now covered in her sex, I took a hank of rope in my left hand and raising her chin up with the other so I could look down into her eyes. She had been looking at the mess she had made all over my faded black jeans till she saw the outline of my hard cock which was begging to be released. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes wide and engaged and her hair was mildly messed up but she probably had never looked so beautiful in her life.

“Put your hands behind your back and hold onto your wrists.”

She complied without hesitation, her eyes still fixed on mine.

Over the next hour her body was restrained, contorted and lifted from the ground, suspended in both place and time. She lost herself into the dark recesses of her mind several times only to be brought back to earth as her body felt solid ground rush up to meet her. I used toys to pleasure her and implements of pain to remind her of the balance in her life that she needs and craves but so rarely gets. When I saw she had unraveled enough of herself for me, I brought her back to reality. Untying her and letting her near naked body come to rest between my legs, kissing her softly on her forehead and praising her.

“Good girl.”

Eventually she ceased stroking herself and I untied her wrists slowly, rubbing the rope indentations on her wrists delicately before leaving her peacefully to be in her headspace. Her breathing was a mixture of soft sighs and an almost kitten like purring as I watched her recall what had just happened in her mind.

As her hand found my leg her head quickly jerked upward to meet my eyes. She grabbed at my jeans exclaiming

“How have you still got these on!!”


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