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Fiesty sexy open minded female looking for fun push my boundaries further xx Looking for people I connect with mentally and physically with no drama xx Look after my physical appearance and my hygiene self care is self love xx Quality only xx

hi there its me Cloe, Care to chat

i do mean wide. i love the outdoors, but can be just as happy indoors. i love gorgeous sunny days... at the same time i love the darkness of the night. basically i have found that there is something to appreciate in almost everything.

If you describe yourself as an "easy going and down to earth" I will probably ignore you. It is such a cliche`. I do like younger guys and I'm very attracted to the opposite colours of mine... Bright (skin), bright(eyes) bright! The...

If you’re cool I might let you hakuna my tatas Thinking of getting a QR code tattooed to my ass so people can check in when they enter Fuck me harder than Covid did? Casual works but I wouldn’t run away from something more if it presented itself How...