Hi Sam. I'm naturally hairy and though I try and maintain a tidy appearance below the waist, I often look down to see women removing my hair from their mouth while performing oral sex.
Two questions: is it a major turn off for women to perform oral sex on a hairy man, and, is it less masculine if I shave or wax?

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I'm fairly certain most women have from time to time have had to extract the stray hair or two during oral sex. Is it a problem? I don't think so, unless the volume of hair ending up in the lady's mouth starts to detract from the pleasure of giving and receiving fellatio.
My suggestion would be to groom well before a date. Get a comb and make sure any loose hairs are already removed from the equation. Shaving or waxing are certainly options but all you may need is a little manscaping and pruning back the major overgrowth rather than raze the entire field. Going hair-free isn't 'less masculine' and it really comes down to personal preference. Some men enjoy the sensation of skin on skin and prefer to be silky smooth.
As for what women want, it'll always come down to personal preference. Some women enjoy a full bush whereas others demand a crotch that has been lasered to the nth degree. I would suggest that the majority fit somewhere in the middle and appreciate a well-manicured garden.


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  • dannyg6288

    Lol gold post

  • Perthguy43

    If you expect a woman to be shaved/manicured then you should do it yourself, fairs fair after all...

  • foxylady06

    I prefer men manscaped but either way it's a guys personal preference

  • steveandhisgirl

    Shave it wax it or we walk major turn off with both sexes

    Facial hair is a hate to and tatts

  • NewVicCpl

    I started getting waxed earlier this year and really like the clean, hair free feeling. Can't really explain it but being waxed is far better than shaving or hair removal creams

  • Albury_wodonga

    I like a hairy man, so public hair in my mouth doesn't worry me at all!! You don't even realise your pulling it out of your mouth half the time..

  • 86Jasindy

    I prefer a man with hair and couldn't care less about pubes, chest or back hair. I think waxing/ laser removal is sexy on a woman but something about a man being natural gets me 😉.

    That being said, my amazing partner prefers to manscape, if it is what makes him feel comfortable than I'm all for it. There is so much more that makes a man than the hair down there 🤷‍♀️

    I love the run a comb through it idea to remove stray hairs

  • LittleGiant

    I'm a fan of groomed on guys but not totally bare - especially if they shave and there's a little re-growth, it's like grinding on sandpaper, youch!! Just keep it trimmed and under control!

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