Do girls really like big dicks?

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If I had a dollar for every time this question popped up in my inbox, I'd have $10,263...approximately. So here's a response I prepared earlier, because the answer never changes:

I don't think you can generalise women when you ask this question but if we must talk generally then no, I don't believe all girls really want well-endowed guys. On the other hand, I also don't think most girls will kick a man out of bed if he happens to have a giant penis.

I think we've all heard it said that it's more what you can do with your penis than how big it is. There is no point having a 10-inch beast if you only have one speed setting and haven't mastered all the other bedroom tricks to impress a lady.

Also, anatomy is going to have a lot to do with how excited a woman is going to get at the prospect of accommodating a larger than average penis. Some women are built to enjoy them and others are not. For every Size Queen there is at least one woman out there who avoids anything over a certain length or width. As for all the other women in between, we'll assess how happy we are with Mr Big based on other factors, not just penis size.

It may be daunting for guys with average to below average sized penises to see what seems like a plethora of big boys on RedHotPie but it's important to keep in mind that women are after a variety of things in men, whether for play or more. The one thing you must never do is be obviously lacking in self confidence, especially if it's rooted in your penis size. That is a far bigger turn off than the actual size of a penis.


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  • sly_fox

    3 things that make a good cock and they can be different for everyone.
    1 the size, both length and girth
    2 shape, how straight or bent it is (does it hit the spot!?)
    3 how hard or flaccid it is when erect

  • Sunflower1

    Not true
    Size does matter.. had a liaison with a bloke with a cock the size of a cocktail frank, actually
    half the size. Couldn’t feel anything
    Prefer a bigger thicker dick for sure

  • ZEEkay

    Professionals, experts, medical practitioners, basically anyone with a social responsibility or a professional image to preserve will always say no, size does not matter. When in reality of course size fucking matters I have never seen a female not get excited by a big cock. Every woman loves a big cock whether it's being used or just being looked at. It's human nature a big cock is always appealing, even other men prefer looking at a big cock. However an expert or any other professional person will not say the truth, because it is socially and morally inappropriate to do so. In turn it demoralises small to average men so you won't ever hear it being said. Everyone knows the truth though....

  • pinktieguy

    I am somewhat unfortunate looking, intelligent (nerd), not socially awkward, an introvert, average endowment and bisexual.

    Generally men are terrible kissers and overstate their sexual prowess regardless of the size. Both my girlfriend and I enjoy larger penises over smaller ones as we do not orgasm from small ones.

    So to answer the question, "There are horses for courses" and "How long is a piece of string?"

  • S1dd13Y

    Well I think the confidence thing is the key . It’ takes a bit more than big dick to make a girl orgasm to her full protential forplay and oral sex is the X factor

  • welfedunlovd

    Its swell I use it well and never been refused foreplay is an art

  • ibreakbad

    Yes, they do!

  • KittyDeluxe

    There’s this thing called skill that trumps an size. The last thing I’m interested in is your opinion of your cock. I’ll take below average to above average size every time simply because I know I’m not going to have to worry about bruising after.

  • teninchorgy

    so fake people saying size doesn't matter.
    Most guys know how to use it, maybe not 20yr olds but you learn fast.
    just look at any amateur porn with a big cock.
    All are the same as Discreet_meets says.

    Curiosity, intense pressure, trepidation, release, repeat
    Always exceptional experience, even if they don't go back, they remember fondly.

  • QueenOfCurvesXXX

    YES!!! I LOVE deepthroating guys with 10" + and extremely wide girths ..... they think it can't be done!!! But i do it with a hunger in my eyes and satisfaction knowing that I'm nothing they've ever experienced before !!!

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