What age do most people cheat and why? I am terrified to start a new relationship because I just don’t trust women any more.

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It’s a shame that in English we only have 1 word for cheating, just like we only have one word for ‘love’ In Ancient Greek there are 6 different words for ‘love’, each one describing different types of love.  Cheating is the same, there are multiple reasons why people cheat. Some have more sex hormones and find it hard to control their drive. Some seek validation through sex, so more partners means more validation, some get caught up in the moment, some are tipsy, some have low self-esteem, some are exploring options and some just want a change of scenery or a little novelty, there are thousands of scenarios, so one word really does not cut it to describe what’s really going on.

Back to your question: the stats say that the key ages for women to cheat is between 36 and 45 and for guys it’s between 29 and 55. Of course, this usually links to the ages people are beginning to feel most vulnerable, bored, unappreciated or insecure.

One of the most common excuses men give for straying is that they want to feel young, virile and wanted again. For women it’s not so different. They want to feel loved, validated and sexy again. So, it does not take a rocket scientist to see what is required to at least minimise the chances that your partner may stray.

If you come home after work, flop on the couch and demand dinner in front of the TV, chances are her need for emotional connection and validation are not being met. So don’t be surprised when you find her looking for it elsewhere.

Neediness, laziness, disconnection, moodiness, jealousy, distractions, emotional distance, bad communication, low effort, high maintenance, low gratitude are all keys that undo her attachment to you and increase her desire to stray. Make a woman feel sexy, loved, validated and wanted and you reduce the likelihood of infidelity by 98%. That’s pretty good odds. As for the other 2%, well, just consider it fate. Sometimes things are just not meant to be.


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  • steveandhisgirl

    People cheat at any age just because they can. It takes a real man or woman to be totally loyal....when youve got the best why try the rest

  • SeekingSensual

    Great read.......and Red_liquorice.....I love your comment. You really do have the best of both worlds.....to be in a loving, respectful, committed relationship that is strong enough to allow sexual exploration with others, is the ultimate, in my eyes. For me it shows that each partner is secure enough in themselves and in their relationship to truely acknowledge and honour the other as an individual, not just as partner, husband or wife....I think it’s beautiful and will never enter into a restrictive, monogamous relationship again! ☺️

  • 71Camaro

    Cheating can be very 1 sided. It’s not always that ur not giving ur partner everything they need, want or desire. Sometimes it can be alcohol fuelled opportunity that leads to it. Good read tho !

  • Rabb1tRabb1t

    What a wonderful response.

    Cheating in a relationship is not a one-sided thing that “just happens”. It’s the eventual result of the relationship not meeting at least one person’s needs in some way. Good open and honest communication in the relationship would have highlighted that a long time before there was any likelihood of anyone straying.

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