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A surprise encounter with a colleague

My first attempt at recounting a story, so feedback is welcomed (moral judgement please keep to yourself), this is all true.

Some years ago I was working in large corporate. There was one particular HR woman who I often worked with, a very cute blonde mum- very much the “Toorak” type if you know Melbourne. We always got along well, though sometimes in interviews she seemed to get a bit nervous and flushed, I just thought nerves or tired due to young kids.

A few years later we had both moved on, and I caught up with a former colleague for a drink who asked if I remembered her (I’ll call her “Blondie” from here on), I said I did indeed and my friend said “she had quite a crush on you!” Apparently at her farewell, that I missed, she got smashed and spilled the beans to this friend. I had had no idea.. of course we were both married and so had clearly played cards safe around the workplace..

I thought nothing of it, then a year later I was walking to my car from a meeting in South Yarra and I ran in to Blondie in the street. She gave me a big hug and smile, I admit her breasts pressed against me and I remembered the comment she “had a crush”...I wondered if it remained, so suggested a coffee. She said she would love to.

We sat at a cafe then chit chattered about work, kids, family, respective “better halves”. I then mentioned I had caught up with our colleague a little back, and sorry I had missed her farewell - and heard it was quite a night...she blushed and said yes, quite a fun night, few too many.

I looked her in the eyes and glanced down at her cleavage, which was delightful and going a bit red, then looked back up. She blushed more. We had both finished our coffees at this point and I offered to drop her back to her office, as I was parked around the corner.

She said thanks and that would be great. She got in the car and looked across, our eyes locked, I thought 'bugger it' and reached across, hand behind her neck and leaned in... she leant forward and kissed me madly.

She then stopped and said “what the hell, where did that come from?” I spilled the beans our colleague had shared her crush, she responded with “you have no idea, I sat in meetings soaking wet, wanting you...But you always seem so proper.” Oh, little did she know what I had been thinking.

I kissed her again, and slid my hand around her breasts, firm, and long nipples hard as - amazing...I suggested “let’s move the car somewhere more secluded?” She nodded as she reached across and started stroking my cock, saying "I wondered what it would be like."
As I started to pull out, one hand on her breast, hers on my pants, she started to unzip me. Now I don’t condone or recommend this however there is something hot about it, as next thing she’s dropped to take me in her mouth as I’m driving down a main road. It’s astounding what people don’t notice, and insanely exciting to have a sexy blonde sucking you as you drive.

We kept going like this, her fingering herself and salivating and giving one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had, time to time trying to take it all, eyes watering. At one set of lights a 20-something brunette on a bike glanced in and almost fell off in shock! I almost blew then from excitement.

I pulled in to a multi-storey carpark, and found somewhere secluded.. we kissed hotly, then she said "fuck me here." The seat went back and she jumped on all fours. This isn’t the easiest of positions but no way was I stopping to worry about that, her arse was tight and round- amazing. I gave it a slap, to which she moaned and said “harder” I slipped two fingers in, then reached around for her to lick them. I asked her “what are you Blondie?” To which she replied “I’m a slut, I love it, everyone thinks I’m a conservative quiet mum, but I really just love cock.”

I was in heaven, this gorgeous woman was as kinky as me..
So I slowly lined my cock up, teasing her with the tip pressing.. she started pushing back trying to get it in early.. I surprised her and went full hilt, grabbing her hips and pushing as deep as I could.. she moaned and screamed fuck yes, harder...there I was in the back of a Coles carpark, pounding this hot HR mum, slapping her arse with one hand, twisting her nipples with the other. I reached up and pulled her hair back, she moaned more. I couldn’t believe it. Then she looked back and said “take my arse, my husband won’t fuck me there.”
I didn’t need to be asked twice :)

So I slid in, she screamed... ”gentle, it’s been a while” I’m pushing in, pop and then a bigger scream of “oh yes more!” I admit I didn’t last long, until I asked “do you want my cum in your arse?” Which received the “yes cum in my slutty arse.” We kissed and talked and wished we had known, years of antics wasted!!

This was the start of a great ongoing fling, lots of places, toys, drive around fun and more...  including some interesting super market shopping ;)

If you liked this, I’m happy to post some other experiences, let me know.


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  • JGrey77

    3 months ago

    Thanks @sammylou87

  • JGrey77

    Pity you’re not in melbourne EvaMay😉

  • JGrey77

    Thanks SweetFantasy, there is just some thing hot about sneaking around isnt there?

  • JGrey77

    Sininspired you should! Love to hear what others have gotten up to too!

  • JGrey77

    Thanks @ludere, it was a lot of fun:)

  • Ludere

    Sounds like alot of fun

  • energiser69

    while it sounds hot, you both have put yourselves in some potential danger by having sex in open car park spaces, basically its potentially illegal and if caught on CCTV you will / may get charged by police. In regards to the anus request, yes i have too met females where they have requested anal. I have been internet dating for at least 15 years, and have seen this before. if public sex excites you - good for you. keep on doing it. Be very wary of cameras. most of these car parks are private property - you only have to have 1 person to make a complaint to the police. i agree with you its exciting etc - but if you get caught by the wrong person - you could be in some hot water. best of luck.

  • Letsrollinthehay

    When hot AF dreams become reality! 🙌😈

  • sweet_cherry69

    Very hot indeed 😈😈😈💋💋💋

  • Adam30


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