Couple Man 41yrs Woman 36yrs


The way the black suspender straps cut into your arse and thighs makes my cock swell every damn time. I’ll never fully understand why, but out of all the bits of lingerie and clothing you own, it’s those shiny little pieces of fabric that cut into your arse that do it for me the most.

You lift your head to look in the mirror to see what I’m doing, but I remind you of your place by grabbing a fist full of hair and leaning your head forward again.

“Eyes down girl, don’t make me ask twice.”

I watch your body relax again as I release my grip. Your hands bound and tied in red rope attached to the hard point in the ceiling. I push my body into yours, you feel my jeans pressed against your ass, my cock visibly hard, begging to be released. I reach around your slender waist, gently spreading my fingers over your toned stomach. I pull you back harder onto me, my breath hot on your ear. With a handful of breast, I squeeze hard as I whisper gently in your ear.

“Does my girl remember how many strokes she must endure?”

“Yes, it’s 15...5 for not replying to your goodnight text, 5 for not wearing my kegel balls every day and 5 for not cumming on Monday morning.”

“Is there anything else you need to tell me girl??”

“No Harry, I promise I’ve been a good girl.”

My hand slides under your panties to feel if your pussy lips are wet.

“Who owns this pussy??”

“You do...and every inch of my body and mind.”

“Good girl.”

I praise you as my fingers slide inside of your silky pussy. 8 quick, near violent strokes and your panties are soaked... you legs shake and your short sharp sighs subside as I unclip your bra and gently straighten your suspenders while I look deep into your eyes. I place my hand just above your ass and you arch your spine downwards, leaving your ass prone.

I unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans exposing my throbbing cock. I gently stroke it as I take all of your beauty in. I gently brush your ass with the whip as you sway your hips seductively, knowing I’d love nothing more than to skip your discipline and devour what’s mine. The first 4 strokes find your back with a dull thud, giving you a taste for what’s to come. My free hand squeezing your ass cheek exposing your G string that barely covers your asshole. I reach down and pull aside your panties, your pink pussy lips swollen and glistening with your essence. I tease you with my cock, dipping the tip in gently then removing it, your juice making my head of my cock shine.

You sigh and lean back to meet me.


Your ass ripples as I find your left cheek. You flinch but it gives me no satisfaction. I smirk as I fan your by spinning the whip close to your ass, occasionally connecting gently before finding my mark on the right side.

Your sighs give you away, unable to withhold your mixed feelings of pain and pleasure. The next 4 strokes cover your back and are finished with hand gently stroking the redness and my cock gently entering you. You push back to take more of me but I pull out again.

“You don’t get to be greedy girl, I’ll get mine when I’m finished with you."

You nod gently, not saying a word. I step back and build the anticipation, breathing you in, savouring the scene in front of me.

“Crack, crack!!”

Your ass instantly glowing redder. The last 3 heavy strokes are spread out.

Over the next 5 minutes as I tease you with my cock and gently caress your soft, warm skin. After your last bit of punishment I grab a fist full of hair and pull your head up slowly and put my mouth to your ear.

“Say thank you for bringing you back into line.”

In your sweetest, most sincere voice you reply "Thank you Harry, I need your guidance and I’ll try to be better, please can I pleasure you now??”

“It pleases me to fuck you from behind and fill your hot pussy with cum as you watch us in the mirror.”

You take a deep breath in as you close your eyes momentarily, a gentle smile appearing on your flushed face. With your ass still raised, I strip you of your panties kneeing down to help you step out of them... my face even with your pussy, I spread your ass cheeks wide open, your pussy lips parting, exposing your wet pink pussy to me. Saliva builds in my mouth, my cock in my hand as I inch towards it. I spit directly into your gaping hole, standing up and driving my cock hard into you. You moan loudly as I grab your hips and drive my full length into you, thrusting hard and fast. I look at you in the mirror, your mouth open, a mixture of looks, somewhere between shock, pain and pleasure all rolled into one intense stare.

I fuck you slowly but hard.

Your ass rippling with every thrust. I lean into your shoulder and bite down as I feel my precum seeping from me. I clamp my teeth down hard on your shoulder, my cock driving deeper and harder. My growls stifled by the skin in my mouth, your sighs of pleasure echoing in the room. My cock explodes, thick streams of cum shooting hard and deep into your noisy, wet pussy. My grip on your waist tight as I bury my cock as far as I can go, holding it there as my shuddering cock empties into you. My teeth release your flesh, the marks deep and dark, another badge of honour for you to inspect over the next few days. My dripping wet cock slides from you as I untie you, I rub your wrists gently as you get on your knees.

“Thank you, I hope I pleased you.”

Her soft lips and expert tongue gently cleaning my cock of both our nectar, never loosing eye contact with me.

“If it pleases you, I’d like to suck your beautiful cock and taste you again after we cuddle.”


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  • Like4playz

    3 months ago

    What a writing!!

  • Boundinpleasure

    3 months ago

    You’re welcome and thanks for the positive words

  • Boundinpleasure

    3 months ago


  • DarkenedSoul

    4 months ago

    Awesome writing. The eroticism is clearly evident, yet even more so is the desire and control. That part to me stands clearly out and makes this much more appealing and arousing to read. Thank you for this, reading these things, always makes me introspective and contemplative in different ideas to use, and little tidbits or morsels that can be tweaked to another situation/play session.

  • DarkenedSoul

    4 months ago

    Positioning can mean everything in situations like these. While pushing her head down, it may have been turned. While being in her, the whip can be swung across with damger to oneself, yet plausibly and more important possibly done. Dont break down to fine tune pieces. Its like music, everything described works in harmony, focus on one small piece, and you lose prospective of the whole.

  • mrmanly61

    4 months ago

    I’d love to give you some bliss.

  • Oldmaid

    4 months ago

    My idea of bliss

  • couplefreak

    4 months ago

    Oh my god 💦💦💦🔥

  • mrmanly61

    4 months ago

    I’d love to bend you over and spank you.

  • mrmanly61

    4 months ago

    Mmmm you do look good bent over. Ready for a spanking? Will you wear that naughty school uniform?

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