She pleasured herself for his pleasure.

He sat casually in his leather lounge chair with his eyes fixed on her. She knew what he wanted, he was a voyeur, he wanted to watch her in the throes of passion.

He was silent but she heard his deep resonant voice inside her head, ordering her in a calm but commanding voice, to disrobe. She had to obey.

Slowly she undid the buttons of her blouse exposing her newly purchased black lacy bra. She wanted to take her time; she knew that when fully exposed he would be delighted. She had selected a bra with holes through which her nipples protruded. She was aware of his nipple fetish.

She watched intently as her blouse fell from her shoulders. She saw his eyes widen slightly, virtually imperceptible, but enough to make her smile to herself; she was elated.

Her hands moved to her breasts. She played with her nipples gently, stimulating them, then she pinched them, twisting, pulling, stretching. She was doing this for him, but she loved the stimulation as little shots of pleasure ran through her body. Her nipples became hard and erect.

She was ready to move on. Her hands moved down her body and around behind her back to undo the zipper of her skirt. Again, she smiled to herself knowing that this movement would cause her breasts to protrude, to push them into the confines of her brassiere.

Her dress fell exposing her matching black lace panties, suspender belt and stockings. With all the grace she could muster she removed one leg and then the other to gently push the skirt to one side. She was ready to perform.

She moved back to lean against the wall, spread her legs slightly and began rubbing herself over the top of her panties while the other hand returned to her breast. As she stimulated herself she let out a soft moan. She was excited, she wanted to climax right then and there, but she had to wait for permission.

Slowly she caressed herself, pushing the panties between her lips, feeling the sensation of intense pleasure as the skimpy material, moistened by her fluids, skimmed over her clitoris. She was so close to cumming. She looked at him with pleading eyes, but he just shook his head no.

She reduced the pressure of her fingers to prolong the pent-up orgasm but continued her stroking movements for his pleasure. To allow the clitoral stimulation to reside, she moved her hand to the other breast and played with both nipples. It was time to remove her bra.

Her hands reached around behind her to undo the clasps and allowed it to fall to the ground. She cupped her breasts, kneading, stimulating, squeezing. She held her breast firmly as the tips of her thumbs lightly caressed the tips of her nipples.

Removing one hand after the other she licked her thumbs and returned them to each breast. The moistness increased the stimulation.

It was time. Her desire to touch herself again was overpowering. She placed her right hand to her mouth and licked the two middle fingers. She placed the fingers in her mouth and sucked them, coating them in her saliva.

Her left hand moved down to hold the top of her panties open as her right hand slid down to moisten the outside of her lips. Her fingers gently parted the lips. Her saliva coated fingers encountered the moistness from deep inside her. She was so wet.

“Remove your panties now,” he ordered. She complied.

Quickly undoing the garter belt clasps from her stockings she pushed her panties over her hips allowing them to slide to her ankles. He was impressed with the way she removed her foot, enclosed in high heeled shoes, so elegantly and then spread her legs further apart.

She pushed her hips towards him, allowing his eyes full access to watch her. Her left hand moved to her mound of venus, pulling it gently up exposing her clitoral region while the fingers of her right hand began their stimulating movement between her lips.

She moved two of her fingers down to her opening and slid them inside. The pleasure caused her body to slide slightly down the wall as her knees bent. She widened her knees further apart to allow her fingers to penetrate deep inside her.

As her fingers caressed the sensitive area inside her, she began to stimulate her clitoris with her left hand.

He knew that her orgasm was about to overtake her; he consented, “Cum for me,” he commanded.

This was what she was waiting for. Her fingers continued working in a way that she knew would release her orgasm almost instantaneously. Her body began trembling. Her eyes shut tight as her orgasm raced through her body. It seemed to go on and on. She couldn’t believe the intensity.

As her orgasm subsided, she realised that he had stood and was walking towards her. He put his arm around her waist to support her. He then took her right hand and placed her fingers in his mouth. He sucked her secretions lovingly.

He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Placing her gently on the bed he lay down beside her and cradled her lovingly in his arms.


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